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Night of Gluttony

Earlier this morning, I saw this patch of flower in front of the PKP. Such beautiful flowers!!!

The main reason for this trip to Tesco was to bring back the TV there so we could get it fixed (the wiring got messed up or something leading it to the reason why the TV can't be switched on easily like it used to. We had to goyang2 or main2 with the wire plug for a long time then baru tv tu boleh bukak), but it turned out to be on gluttony-full night.

So, the first party was me, Faiz and Zul. We went to Tesco at about 5pm over to get the TV fixed but as it turned out to be, the Tesco staff told us that the warranty only cover for one day if there's any problem but the warranty will last for a year if we took it to the electric shop written at the warranty card. So, we couldn't get it fixed as per we could not afford to go to the appointed shop (which is in KL?!!!), so we discussed it over and thought about taking it too the local electrical store. Right after the discussion,we went inside and did some grocery shopping.
teringin makan coklat!!!

Zul ckp : Mimie, tgk nie, ko x kecian ke tgk kwn ko kena jual???

Faiz bile nampak stack of beras macam ni, mule la gatal tangan!
Muke bangga dh main ngan beras.... omg, that sounded so wrong...

Zul ckp : Ko tak kecian ke tgk kawan2 ko jadi macam tu...?
Me : No!

Zul ckp : Eeehhh, mimie!!! murahnye harga pasaran ko... RM6.50 je???!
Me : What the?!!

During shopping, Faiz tiba2 dapat call from Pejal telling us to go to Pizza Hut when we're done shopping cause Ayie wanted to treat us for dinner. We said okay. Once we're done, Pejal call balik and said that lokasi makan dah berubah. They wanted to go the Seafood place we went last semester at Pasir Penambang. On the way to the location, sempat lagi ak ngap Cheesy Wedges yang ak beli kat KFC. So as all three of us arrived at the location, we already saw Pejal, Mien, Ayie and Afiq all waiting for us.

 They've ordered everything. As most of us were very hungry, we ate the Mini Donuts at Tesco while waiting for the foods to come.

Dark Chocolate & White Chocolate Dips!

 And after a couple of minutes, the waitress brought our foods.

Apa lagi, makan la... semua pown dah kebulur semacam!!! Bukan main meriah lagi lauk kitorang... tgk laaa..

Tak lame kemudian, lauk main course sampai... Siakap 3 Rasa... eh jap... siakap ker hah? X igt laa... yg penting sedap...

Lepas tu, sampai pulak... Beancurd ape-ke-menda-tah-nama sup. Macam shark fin sup dyorg ckp but I wouldn't know how the comparison or the similarity would taste since I've never eaten Shark Fin Soup before.

So, sambil makan, borak ar macam biase... macam2 la dyorg borakkan....

Muke orang2 yang khusyuk bercerita...

X lame kemudian they brought up the conversation of bringing friends to your family's place and we all laughed about the things you shouldn't do when you come over to a friend's place. Then pejal ade bukak cerita about sorang kawan dy ni yang datang umah dy and then mak dy jamu makan. Mamat tu cakap, "eh takpelar makcik, susah2 aje" sambil mencapai pinggan nak makan. Kelakar giler!! Ape lagi, mmg meletop ar ak gelak... Gelak yg bapak kuat x ingat idop macam pontianak tu laa... Malu giler kot dyorg sambil sanggup tutop muka dyorg ... tgk laa!

Last2, sume dah kekenyangan giler sampai x larat nak berkata sepatah pown. So, we finally decided to leave.

Muka2 yang dah kenyang giler....

And I thought that was the end of it, but NOOOOOOOO................... since we went there on the separate car (us being the party who brought the TV to get it repaired and those who came for the dinner), on our way back, Ayie stopped by the Pizza Hut to buy some food for those who couldn't make it ; Acap, Yat & Zack.

Bile semua orang dah ada, the next part of dinner begins!! 

Pepperoni Pizza ....... YUMMM!!!
dah habis pizza.. ak igt over dah lah... but NO!

Jeng, Jeng, JENG!!!
one more pizza.....
Hawaiian Chicken Pizza..uh... not my taste though...

Makan lagi la nampaknya~!!!

Seriously, tonight was one fucking night full of gluttony.
Too much to eat!!!!

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