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The nigh of Inception

Saturday night, yesterday. After that dinner with Mira at OldTown, I want back home and got all packed up to return to Unisel that same night because my uncle said he want to send me back. But then suddenly he said,

"esok pagi la abg din hantar ko... malas la pulak nak drive malam2 nie...."

Ggrrr... I was already packed up and he said tomorrow...! So, that left me all bored and desperate wanting to go back to unisel. I didn't want to take out my lappy back cause I'm already done packing and hate to un-pack again. So, I wanted to go back out with Mira but she said was tired because before the dinner she had spent the whole afternoon going here and there settling some business. So I was left all alone, banished to the valley of boredom. And in my heart and mind, I was thinking,

"Kenapalah dak2 nie (membe2 kt unisel) x kuar kl pulak malam nie..."

Suddenly I got a call from Yona saying she's going to OU to watch the movie Inception. And oh my god, I was suddenly deliriously happy. She invited me too. I asked her if it's okay that after the movie I hitch a ride in her car to back to unisel and she said it's okay. I was sooooooo happy. So I drove all the way from home to OU to meet up with them.

As we enter the cinema, there was long line of people queuing to buy movie tickets. We couldn't reserve through phone call as there was error in connection. What the fuck! So we had line up. As we were queuing up, we saw at the monitor that the tickets for the movie Inception was all sold out. We were devastated. We thought of watching Mantra instead since that was the only movie that the tickets weren't selling fast but most of them didn't want to watch it except for Yona and I. But we decided let's just queue up first and when we reached the ticket counter let's just ask what movie is still available.

So, as we reached the counter, we were right that the tickets for Inception were all sold out but then the staff said if we wait for five minutes we can take up the tickets for uncollected reservations. So, we waited. And we finally got it!! Thank god!!!!

The movie was at 12am so, we still had half an hour more to spend, so we went to pool area to play some games. OH yeah, I've forgotten. There were all five of us. Yona, Ayie, Faizal, me, and Azim (unexpected guest). Azim and Ayie were both so skilled at pool that even Yona could only score one ball and me : none.

hahaha, paparazzi shot!

While playing, Yona saw a very ridiculous poster. She showed me and I said, what the fuck?!
stupid, ain't it???? What type of cheap slut would do that???

After the game, we wanted to buy some drinks before going inside the movie hall but the line is soooo long. We used Azim to line up for us instead...(jahat x? hahahaha!!!)

Right after the movie, we head back to my house to drop my mom's car so that I can hitch a ride from Yona to go back to unisel. It was fine at the beginning but on our way to my house, until there was a roadblock. Unintentionally and uncalled for, I was detained but not Yona's car. The police officer asked me,

"Ade lesen x? bak sini"
and I said "ada" while trying to reach out for my wallet from my pocket.
while reaching it, he asked another question,
"kerja ape?"
and then I said,
"urm, saya belajar kat universiti"
"oh, kalau camtu xper... boleh gerak..."
and I said in my heart,
"what the fuck?!"
penat2 je ak bsusah payah cuba reach wallet ak yg kt poket bwh bontot ak,
x sempat nak ak nak kuarkan lesen ko dah suh ak blah...

Well, at least, I didn't get any ticked or detained or anything, I was safe. Maybe they were looking for a certain suspect or whatever.

Anyway, Yona wasn't asked to stop, so she keep on driving. Later when I continued driving, I got a text from her saying, 

"Yang, u ok x? We'll be waiting there."
There as if in my house.
So, I replied,
"I'm fine. u igt lagi x mane jalan nak g umah i?"
and she replied with confident I guess,
"yes. Quite sure. ;p"
So, there I thought,
"okaylah... nanti jumpe dyorg dpan umah jela."

But as I reached in front of my house, they weren't there. I felt weird and so I called them. Faizal picked up and said,

"ah, kitorg dah ade dpan umah ko nie ha yg depan padang kan?"
yes, my house is in front of the field but they weren't there.
"eh, ak dah kt depan umah ak laa.. mane korang?"
oh, shit.... they've entered the wrong Taman.

As it turned out to be, they got lost and entered the wrong place. After a little talk and here-there directions, I finally found out that they had lost their way until Pandan Jaya. Pity my  friend....(kecian korang, sesat eeeh?) I wouldn't blame them because it is quite confusing here in Ampang, there are so many road leading here and there and not to mention the short-cuts... a lot!

So, I finally found them near the Pandan Jaya LRT Station. I brought them back to my home (the real location....hahaha). I dropped my mom's car key and we're ready to set off.

Ayie all tired up driving because they got lost...oh, he's laying down at the field in front of my house.

So, once we're done, we head back to unisel. At first they wanted to go to Andalus to eat because they were starving but they opt to go to Babu instead. And to make it short, as we arrived in unisel, Babu still wasn't open. Pity for them again. Disappointedly, we went back home.


This story is about the technologies of dreams within a dream and planting ideas between one's head in a sub-conscious dream within a dream that appears like it is almost reality. At first, it was quite hard to depict which one is reality and which is fantasy but you'll soon get it as the movie goes into depth. Leonardo Dicaprio plays Cobb who  received a mission to plant an idea into one of the most successful businessman's son head to not further the father's business or legacy. From there he had to recruit people with extraordinary skills in physics, chemical, theft, and architecture. 

The story is mind-blowing and perfectly done. It is a thriller in some sort but deals quite a satisfying amount of action needed. It is entertaining and interesting to see how mind-manipulation can come in another way that hypnotizing. The method inception is a very advanced way to play tricks in the mind and test the user's awareness whether it's a dream or reality. This movie is well-done and the director had succeeded in portraying the best that the movie could ever be. This movie may not hit the blockbuster chart yet because of the name or because of the various amounts of hit movies right now such as "Twilight Saga : Eclipse" but movie goes around the globe can notice the difference of quality in this movie rather than those twilight "vampire bullshit". This movie deserve a 10 out of 10.

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