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Kuey Teow Tom Yam and Popia

Last week on what-day (I've forgotten), Faizal and I went to PP to do some photo-copying for the class and while we do so, I decided to stop by Cangkir since I haven't been there for ages...(hahaha). Faizal ordered Kuey Teow Tomyam since we know from before the Tomyams there are very nice and an Iced Milo. I ordered Popias and Bandung and Sky juice. 

The Sirap Bandung still haven't changed! It's still as nice as it used to be and still as pretty as it used to be!!!

But Kuey Teow Tom Yam however is as not tasty and delicious as it used to be...

The kuey teow is soggy and the tom yam itself is not as tasty and uuugh... 

But, somehow we, still have to eat it.

Anyway, the popia is still as tasty as it used to be (couldn't snap any pic of it cause I was so happy of it's deliciousness that I've forgotten to take pic of it before I totally ate it.). Right after the tea time, we went to photocopy shop Halilah, finished our business and went home.

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