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Hari pertama back in UniHELL

As I arrived to our house in Taman Ilmu...... I was...............


Totally condemned to the valley of humiliation and grotesque as I looked at the house condition. It was MESSY, STINKY, DISGUSTING, AND TOTAL WRECK. It was like our house was hit by a tornado but only on the inside. There were rubbish everywhere! Uncleaned plates and glasses that has murky things inside them, cigarette butts all over the place not to mention the ashes, plastic of drinks spillt here and there, footprints all over the place with sands, and worst of all, DUST!!!!

I'm utterly shocked and I was glad I didn't take any pictures of it. Too disgusted by all of it, I can no longer stand at the sight of it and started cleaning. I didn't even manage to get my things cleaned up upstairs first. I spent almost 4 hours cleaning all of those mess, from the living room till the kitchen. And by 12pm and over, I'm done with it. Except for some sawangs which I could not reached. I was already exhausted from not sleeping the night before and then driving for almost two hours to reach there and then I had to clean all of the mess for almost four hours. I was totally drained from exhaustion.

Then I unload all of my things and put it all upstairs and took a shower. After that shower, I jumped onto my bed and slept.

At 3pm something, Faizal and Zul arrived and woke me up. I was hungry at that time and asked Faizal to accompany me to get food. We went back and I ate while all three of us talked about our holidays. Then arose the question of what's for dinner. Zul said, he came that day to unload his things only, he'll come back tomorrow to bring his bike. So, Faizal said Pizza Hut and I said... what the heck!

At about 6pm we move out. First we stop by Tesco Kuala Selangor cause I wanted to buy some more things and so did Faizal. Next we went to Pizza Hut and we were accompanied by Syida and her foreigner friend, Zaid. He was HOT!!!!!! Faizal was attracted to this waitress girl at Pizza Hut, her name was Eija... he kept on saying she was cute and all (she is cute!). Hahaha..

During dinner, Syida said that later at midnight she's going to KL to meet with Yona because Yona asked her out and I said I wanted to follow her, and she said OK. But unfortunately for Syida, her friend had an accident and she couldn't make it. However, Syida was so kind enough to lend me her car to go and meet Yona. She said that it is not nice to not go to Yona since we already promised, so I represent her and blah blah blah.

So, moving on, I went to KL alone. But I didn't care because Syida's car was awesomely fast like Yona's car. Finally, I get to feel the adrenaline that I haven't been feeling for such a long time, DRIVING INSANELY FAST! Since I've told you guys lots of time that my mom's car could no longer go any faster than 100km/h, I couldn't feel the excitement. But thanks to Syida's car, I could feel that excitement again. Ah, how fulfilling it was!!!

Enough about that, so I meet up with Yona at Andalus and her lil bro, Apit was there. We lepak there for like an hour and a half, catching up stories and stuff. After that, we head to Danau Kota as per my request because I wanted to go there to buy a present for Faizal because on the next day, was his birthday. After a long tiring walk in Danau Kota, I finally bought him five pieces of Crocs sandal's accesories. Sorry, pejal... no other good gifts that I could find. Right! After that trip to Danau, I was hungry again and we head to Taman Melati to eat. To cut things short, I ate at the McDonald there we hang out near the roadside. Took some pics :

sengalnye gamba nie.....

At 5am or so, Apit was already sleepy and tired so decided to call it a night... (call it a night.. how silly, considering it's already 5am in the morning).

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