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Final Day B4 Balik Unisel

Friday, 25th June. Basically, that day was my last day of holiday before going back to Unisel for the next semester. I wanted to do another all-day outing because I won't bee seeing my bitches for like 2 month or so until Raya. So, that afternoon, spontaneuously, Wani asked me out to go for a karaoke session. But this time it wasn't at our usual Greenbox in Jusco Cheras Selatan but at this Karaoke place in Sri Petaling instead. It was cheap and the promotion lasted from 12pm until 7pm. Now that is one crazy thing to do, karaoke-ing for like 5 hours non-stop. But we weren't that delusional or wacko to go spend all 5 hours for karaoke. We stayed until 3 hours and then we left. The food there was awesome though!

Right after, we went back and after 30 minutes of bathing and changing outfits, I went out again, but this time with Mira and Farrah instead. We head to Tesco cause I needed to buy some toiletries, stationeries, and blah blah blah to be taken back to Unisel. But before that, we went to Dinner at Pizza Hut first.

Ggggrrr... that waitress serving us is really cocky and not customer-friendly at all. She was rude, didn't even smiled at us. I wanted to slap her bitchy face right there and then but of course I did not. Ggggrr...

Malam tu, makanan kat Pizza Hut memang x sedap langsung. Sup cair, roti sejuk, piza pown cam hampeh. Yang paling tak ku sangka ialah menatang ni :

Chocolate Volcano

Ingatkan sedap la... Dah name grand gitu, but seriously, tak sedap langsung. I was deceived!!!!

Lepas makan ape sume, we went shopping. Agak lama gak la stay kat dalam tu sebab lame nak cari seluar, baju and stationeries lagi.. Yang penting, most of my things this semester are pink in colour... Gedik kan?! Hahahahahahaha!!!

After Tesco, I sent my lil sis back home but Mira and I went back out again. I wasn't done for the night. It took us almost an hour thinking about where to go and finally, we went to Taman Melati. At first our main point to go there is to have shisha at Mizi's friend's shop. But who would've guessed that Afif worked near there at the Carrefour Express. It was my first time hearing it, never been inside one before. He had stopped working at 7-Eleven for like four months ago and had worked at the Carrefour Express outlet for several months and he said that the pay was quite high. He said he's going to stay working there until he buys his own house and car. I say he's insane but he make it sound like it is not impossible to achieve. Whatever, if you say so, then I'm going to wish you all the best!

So, we lepak there for like one hour and then some of Mira's friend came over and Pojie too (oh yeah, I called him and forced him to go lepak with us because dah lame x lepak ngan dy and since I'm going back on the next day so... you get it). We lepak at the shisha place until the match was over at 4am something and the Mira's friend said goodbye and leave. Tapi Mira, Pojie and I stayed over. Kitorang then lepak kt dalam Carrefour Express tu dalam sejam lebih, borak-borak ngan Afif, melawak ape sume, dah macam piknik dah kitorang kt dalam tu... X boleh blah betol. At approximately 6am, we finally decided to head back home. We were exhausted, and Pojie needed to go to work at 8am.

a little side note : korang taw x yg pekerja carrefour express tu kena pakai apron kaler ijau cmnie?
gatal tangan jap nak try pakai~ haha

Right after arriving home, I started packing my things to go back to Unisel. At 7.30am I was done packing and head straight to Unisel.

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