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Eve before going back

Last Thursday, evening, as usual, Faiz, Faizal and I would go for a spin around Taman Ilmu going around from Atikah's house to Sharon's and finally Yona. So when we arrived at Atikah's, she was already packing to go back so we didn't stop by her house for a long time since she was ready to leave. So, we went to Sharon's next and we saw Aditya there. He and Sharon were playing badmintons a couple minutes ago and we were too late to watch Adi getting pwned by Sharon. 

adi - all tired and full of sweats. His pants were wet...eeeww!! Yucks!

After that, Adi left and Faiz and I played badminton for a while using Sharon's racket. We didn't play for long as we still have to stop by Yona's house later on. So we left. As we arrived in front of Yona's we saw Azza, Ieza, Syida and Hakim was playing badminton. Faiz took over Azza when she was tired and I kept on chatting with Syida and Azza.

Gedixx posing~!!

After that we finally head back home. Later on, that night, Mien, Faiz, and Ayie was so kempunan over Subway so bad that they decided to go to Shah Alam just for Subway. I wanted to follow but the car was full. So, Mien, Zul, Faiz, Ayie and Faizal went together to Shah Alam in search for their Subway. 

As I was online, all bored later on, Azza suddenly called me out from my window asking me whether I wanted to follow her and Yona go fill her cas gas (all because of the news stating that the car gas price will increase by 5cent.) I followed because I made a deal with Azza that if I follow, she'll treat me for dinner since I was starving. After filling her car gas at Petronas Ijok, we went to SM for dinner.

Uhhhmmm yummm French Toast Cheese!!!
Totally delish~!!!!

And after that dinner we went back home. I was so tired that I went to sleep 'quite' early that night. Hahahaha...

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