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Addicted to Old Town

So, Friday night, I'm already back at KL because I had to meet with my dentist for my tooth condition. I went back earlier that Friday afternoon by bus (wouldn't risk my back riding my bike for two hours to go back to KL), and arrived at KL about 4pm or so. I wanted to drop by Times Square and watched Despicable Me but I didn't because didn't have enough time because I wanted to meet with my dentist as soon as possible but too bad for me, I was too late when I arrived at the dentist cause it's already closed. So, no dentist and no Despicable Me. DRAT!!!

Anyway, as soon as I knew that that night I'm totally free, I called Mira and asked her to accompany me for dinner at Oldtown since I missed eating there even though it's just two weeks. I admit, I maybe kind of addicted to it.

So, once I've got there, ordered my favorite custom OldTown French Toast...yuuum!!!

I love asking for extra honey syrup with my french toast. It's major delish!!

So, I wanted to try something new that night and I ordered the OldTown Asam Laksa instead of my favorite OldTown Chicken Hor fun.

It was sooooooo delish!! I asked for extra black sauce for the Laksa (Malays called it Petis Udang and it is suitable for eating with Laksa. Laksa = sour, Petis = sweet. Nice combo!!!) I don't know why but I love ordering anything extra for my foods. Extra sauce for burgers, extra spicy for foods, extra sugar for drinks, extra honey syrup for french toast, extra sambal for nasi lemak, EVERYTHING EXTRA!!! It is because my tongue has lost it's sharpness in taste and so I had to ask for extras if not it will tasted bland for me.

Mira ordered Tom Yam Meehoon with Crabstick but too bad for her, crabsticks is out of stock and so they had to replaced it with sausages instead. Darn it...

And so, after eating, we talked and talked and talked until it was actually closing time. At this OldTown franchise we dine in, it closes at 12pm. Sucks isn't it? Most Oldtown at other places closes at 2am or 3am but this one closes early...shit.....

So, we left there and went up the hill Bukit Permai behind Mira's house and lepak there for a while, chatting and everything. The sceneries there was quite splendid and I couldn't take a very good picture of it because of my phone's camera quality. This is the best that I could take.

Right after that we went back home.


The next day, Saturday, I woke up late in the afternoon and quickly rushes to the dentist. He said that my teeth condition was quite bad. I've holes almost everywhere and needed to be plastered quickly, a tooth that needed to be taken out only through an operation and my front tooth that had chipped needed to be screwed, plastered and crowned and all of it would cost me an entirely RM1500. But my mom could only afford to pay for plastering my holes which costs about RM400. Luckily, the dentist was our neighbor and was quite nice to my mom because they've chatted several times and our family have been a regular there so he put up a discount for my mom and my mom only needed to pay RM320 instead of RM400. How nice of him.

So, I only managed to get my teeth that had holes plastered since he said that those are the most important ones that needed to be fixed first. The others can be done later. But I might need to considerate doing the operation for that tooth that needed to be extracted early if not it'll get worser.

So, right after that, I went back home first, let the plastered teeth rest for an hour while waiting for the painkiller injection to begone. After an hour an a half, it's almost night time and I asked Mira out for dinner again at OldTown again.

I think I might have find another thing that I like to eat at OldTown : their Asam Laksa. It's superbly delish. and I'm addicted to it. Just think, I've eaten it last night, and I wanted to eat it again that night. I'm crazy!

But Mira had no complaints since we both knew that OldTown is our favorite hangout dinner place. That night she ordered the same as me, Asam Laksa. We're both seriously indulged in it.

I could say, the noodles in OldTown are seriously delicious! Their Chicken Hor Fun, Tom Yam Meehun, Asam Laksa, Dry Curry Mee, Dry Wantan Noodles... blah blah blah... and as a conclusions, OldTown serves delicious food!!!

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