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Why Vampires Suck?

Lately, the world of media is overwhelmed and overrated with all those movies that have everything to do with vampires ( I mean really overwhelming and overrated ), because since the first hit of Twilight movie, media has been casting off and broadcasting a lot of movies and TV shows that have something to do with vampires. For example, Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistants, The Vampire Diaries and True Blood.

It's not really a problem if they can come up with great movies or stories about real facts of Vampire. I'm so sorry Stephenie Meyer but your facts about Vampires is like totally false. Everybody knows that Vampire sleeps in the day and for the record they can't even be in the presence of daylight, more even in the sunlight. And hello............. sparkling vampires???? I mean WTF!!

original photo taken from Photobucket

Fact number 1 : Vampires do not glitter or sparkles in the sunlight because their body is beautiful or whatever BUT they get toast and burn to ash if they stay in the sunlight.

Fact number 2 : Vampires do not stay awake all the time and the fact that they don't sleep is totally wrong. Although they are the undead, they also need rest ( I know it doesn't make sense but the presence of daylight weakens them as the shadows of the night is their nature ). Thus the reason why most previous movies of vampires always have something to do with vampires sleeping in the coffin in daylight.

Fact number 3 : As far as most people knows, vampires don't have any more soul or humanity in their heart. Thus it is so f'ing impossible for them to be all mushy and weak just because of love. I personally rejects the idea of a vampire being such romantic creatures. That truly spoils the image of a real vamp.

Basically I do not hate Stephenie Meyer but her movies and books. She just totally spoils the image of a real vampire. Unlike the story True Blood, the realistic image of a vampire is sho iwn quite okay.

original photo taken from Photobucket

This TV shows that has a lot of hit recently for it's much better quality for a vampire movie or story is personally my better choice if I wanted a real juicy vampire story. It is so and by far the best story about vampire there is. You'll have to watch it to find out.

But what I'm not sure about the portrayed image of vampire in this movie is the fact that they explo-splat when they are staked with a wooden object and that they do not fear crucifixes or cross none whatsoever but they can't touch with silver. That left me to ponder.

original photo taken from Photobucket

Personally, I don't hate vampires cause some of them are hot and very alluring, they make such a very cool creature of the dark (or night) but I pity them because they are actually quite fragile. They can't stay in sunlight or they get burned, they can't stand at the side of crucifixes (or silver) cause it's holy item, they need blood to survive and to do that they had to drain humans (or animals), they had to leave their family, they are condemned by the god, and they had to suffer for all eternity.

So, yeah, Vampires sucks major BIG TIME!!!

Thanks Nuffnang for letting me share my point of view on vampire movies nowadays.

Reminiscing Eve

original photo

Last evening, after Mr.Mus's class, Faiz and I went to the Lakeside behind our Engineering Fac. We used to go there all the time when we still stayed in hostel, but now since we've stayed outside, we rarely went there but then yesterday we decided to go there for some fresh air... 

Bringing only these things and my pack of ciggies, we chatted like we used to...

Bla bla bla....

Took an opportunity to snap some photos but these were the best and I screwed it over some suck editing skills... la la la~

Got inspired for a short poem :

The cool flow of the air
ah, such gentle breeze
such refreshing breaths
of the evening's wind

The mesmerizing heat of the sun
oh, such blinding flare
such magnifying rays
of the sunlight's beam

The soothing sensation of the lake
ah, such serene aqua
such everlasting calm
of the lake water's splash

The great wonders of nature
oh, such relaxing beat
such tranquilizing remedy
to the broken hearted souls

The craziness of Faiz Mateus!!!

Check out my bestfriend Faiz strutting his stuff in trying to sing Neyo's 'Part of the List'.

He's crazy and funny and wacko and completely brill~
You just have to love him.
And the fact that he and I shares a lot of things in common although we may come from different planet. hahahaha!!!!

Purple Dinner

For dinner last night, we went to the Purple Cafe which we haven't been for ages.... It was nice to go eat there. Too much happened and funny things happened last night during dinner but I can't recall. Just enjoy these photos my beloved.

Like a father lecturing his son... hahaha!

So excited about his hotdogs... comment!

I ordered :
Nyonya Fish Rice....delish!

Chow time~

Have a nice dinner, cheers~!!!!

Vintage in Trial

Yesterday, I requested Mien to become my model for an unofficial assignment or task that I have assigned myself onto. Which is to try and create a vintage-looking pictures with some editorial touch ups using the Photoscape application in the laptop. Mien agreed to become my model only because I said his face would never appear inside the pictures. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to sharpen my skills in photography and picture editing.

So, here's the end-product!!

Hope you guys enjoy watching it as I did. Thanks again for reading~!!

Tekken is in the Cinemas!!

Whoa, this is superbly exciting. I get to share my favorite character of all in Tekken but I don't know if she is in the movie or not. But I really hope she is! So, here goes nothing.

.::Ling Xiao Yu::.
original photo taken from Photobucket

Name          : Ling Xiao Yu
Age              : 20 years old
Height         : 5'2
Weight        : 93lbs
Occupation : Student and Panda caretaker
Biography  :  Even at a very young age, Ling Xiaoyu loved amusement parks. Also from a young age, her grandfather, Wang Jinrei, tutored her in the martial arts. He believed that if she were more serious, she could achieve true greatness, but became frustrated by her careless attitude.
While vacationing in Hong Kong with her family, she noticed a yacht bearing the name: “Mishima Zaibatsu”. Knowing that the Mishima Zaibatsu was rich and powerful, she decided to seek out Heihachi Mishima and make her dream a reality. Abandoning her family, Xiaoyu stowed away on the ship.
The ship’s security soon discovered her and informed Heihachi of her presence. By the time that Heihachi arrived on the scene, all of the Tekkenshu—Heihachi’s personal security force—that were aboard the ship had been beaten into unconsciousness and strewn about the deck. It looked as if the ship had been hit by a hurricane.
Amidst the chaos, Heihachi found Xiaoyu. She threatened to beat him up if he did not accept her challenge. Amused by her juvenile antics, Heihachi roared with laughter and promised to build her theme park if she won his tournament. She enrolls at the Mishima Polytechnical School, and this is where she first meets both Jin Kazama and Miharu Hirano. Bringing along her old school's trained panda (aptly named "Panda"), Heihachi teaches her to fight, much like he has taught Kuma, so that Xiaoyu would have a bodyguard. This inspired Xiaoyu to see Heihachi as something of a grandfather toward her.
Fighting style : Ling Xiaoyu practices Hakke Sho, Hikka Ken, a form of Bagua-zhang, and has moves that are taken from various other martial arts. Typical of a person of her size and build, Ling Xiaoyu is strong in regards to the damage inflicted by her moves. Xiaoyu emphasizes speed, as her moves have a relatively higher priority. In addition, she also has a quick roll and cartwheel that can be used evasively along with stances which keep an opponent confused. -information taken from this website.

So, what I really like about Xiao Yu is that she is an energetic, spunky, fresh and lively character. Which sometimes resembles my happy-go-lucky nature. She's perky, adorable and not to mention very cute!! Kawaii ne~!
Anyway, the first time I played her character in PS2 Tekken Tag Tournament, I was astonished how her fighting style is quite graceful and neatly coordinated. She's fast and she's agile. Her attacks maybe a little bit short-ranged but her rapid attacks and flexibility completely out-flaw her weakness. Her attacks can be chained easily into a long combo but quite hard to pull if you're not an experienced Xiao Yu user. What I meant before about her flexibility is her attacks motions. She has different types of attack motions according to her stance. She has this back-reversed stance where she face her opponents with her back and her attacks is more like the Drunken God stance. Another one of my favorite stance of hers is the Crouching stance. In this stance, her attacks are more likely to lift the enemy into the air and starts juggling her enemy. That is what I meant about when I said her attacks can be chained. You can start off with the Crouching stance, lift the enemy into the air, starts juggling the enemy, switch to reversed-back stance and starts hitting the enemy non-stop. That is my way of using Xiao Yu in Tekken. Though it may not be the best, but it has worked for me. Her specials is quite not bad too though I rarely use it. Her special attacks is more like a charged attack. She charges her palm while doing some spinning motion while collecting some sparks and finally releases it onto her enemy using a knife-like palm attack.

origina photo taken from Photobucket

Whoa, that is seriously some serious rambling. Anyway. That is it, I guess about my favorite character in Tekken. I really like using her and I really hope she's in the movie though I hardly seen any shots of her in the trailer or the preview cause I know this movie is more about Jin Kazama. But I'm still excited about going to see this movie. I hope I would get to see the movie so much!!!

Thanks Nuffnang for giving me this opportunity~!!!

Durian Fever

This just happened just now. Apparently, Mien went to BB and bought Durians. 
Kempunan maybe? Hahah, but no matter, we enjoyed eating it. So much fun!!1


Thanks for reading, let's eat DURIANS!!!!

Over-crowded Vehicles

The motorcycles in the parking area of our faculty is getting stupendously crowded....

Badminton Rally

For a couple of weeks pasts, the inhabitants of Taman Ilmu have become quite obsessed with playing badminton every evening and night (no wind). And so were we. Even Aditya also came over to play badminton with us and Sharon. Most of the time, they'll be playing over at Sharon's. Okay...

And so, these all of the (almost) nice photo of my friend's pose playing badminton.

Afiq (smash shot)



Sharon (catching shutter shot)

Thanks, for coming~ Hehehe~
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