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Planned things crashing DOWN

 Yesterday was my day off and I actually planned everything for that particular day. I planned :

- morning : send mom to work
- afternoon : went to movie at Jusco Cheras Selatan with Wanie
- evening : pick mom back from work
- night : go to Times Square with Mira, accompanying her to buy sandal
- midnight : go shisha with GSC workmates at Tanjung


Everything did work out as planned because :

- I woke up late and mom went to work herself, taking the car
- because mom already went to work before I woke up, I couldn't ask her for money
- I've forgotten to take the free-movie-entry staff's pass from Mr.Faizal the day before
- didn't have enough money to spend to go out
- mom got back late from work and delayed time to go to times square at night
- mom got back at 10pm++ and so it was too late to go to times square
- picked up mira and thought off head to tanjung early but then GSC friends didn't tell me earlier it was cancelled.

So that's it, my plan was ruined. And that is why with Mira and Wani, we never planned anything, we always do it spontaneously.... so that nothing will go out of plan. So let me tell you what actually happened yesterday.

After waking up late, I called Wanie and told her all about the car and she said it's fine and we can use her car. One problem solved (at that time I thought....) and then we went to Leisure Mall in hoping that I could get the pass from Mr.Faizal that time. Another problem solved (I seriously thought we could still manage to pull it off....). But then as I arrived at the GSC, the B.O. workers told me that Mr.Faizal will be coming late evening and there's nobody else that could issue the pass at that particular time. And it fell down..... everything came falling down.

So, as we were thinking of where to go when Wanie had no money and I only had RM40 (minus RM10 to fill gas to her car) and suddenly my tummy rumbles up! and I remembered I still hadn't eaten. I told her that we'd go lunch with Myra and she said okay.

After our lunch and after a loooooooooong time thinking where to go, we finally decided to hit it off to Jusco Cheras Selatan and do another full 3 hours karaoke session. So off we went!!!

As we arrived to Jusco Cheras Selatan, we snap some pics....

Then we went inside. Before heading off to GreenBox, I stopped by the Auntie Anne's to buy some pretzels. Lately, I've come to love eating pretzels......... Addicted to it LOL....

We took the Full 3 Hour Student Price package like we did last week~ LALALALA....

This time I manage to sing 'Colours of The Wind' by (alamak lupa plak name dy... igt name dy dlm Ugly Betty je : Wilhelmina Slater). I managed to pull it off!!! And this time both of us sang a number of sad, and blues song. I cried during Adibah Noor's 'Terlalu Istimewa". Shit, I loooooove that song!!!

After the Karaoke-ing session, we head back home.

So my next plan was came to a delay and finally cancelled as mommy came back home late with the car. So I had to cancelled the plan to go accompany Mira at Times Square. But for what its worth, both her and I were very hungry waiting for the car to arrived so as soon as my mom got back, I took the car keys and head out. Picked up Mira from her house and I called my GSC friends asking confirmation about our little event in Tanjung and they said it was cancelled and told me they were sorry they didn't inform me earlier. UUghhhhh!!!! That's why I hate dealing with immature kids....So I told me where should we go and she decided to go to Downtown in Cheras. So we head there.

AS soon as we arrived there, we stopped by the steamboat stalls near the corner as we were very....I mean VERY hungry! Here's some funny story:

- "mamat kedai tu bagi pinggan polisterin utk pilih sticks. pastu mira ngan ak pergi la amik2 sticks kt satu belah nie...tiba2 je... ak angkat satu batang ketam nie, ade lipas hinggap kt btg tu.... ape lagi... menjerit sakan la ak.... FYI, saya x takot ngan lipas cume terkezut bagai rak sbb tiba2 je menatang tu terbang pastu hinggap kt btg ketam tu... lepas menjerit ak letak balik btg ketam tu kt tempat ak amik n then ak gelak gile2.. mira dh malu semacam, mamat kedai tu gelak je sbb ak menjerit tadi... bapak arh"

After that incident, Mira's appetite suddenly flew away. Mine didn't... I know it's disgusting but they did boil the sticks first .....(aahhh you know how steamboat is), so the 'kuman' didn't get in the food. Enough about that.. Next we went inside the Downtown and after some time searching the whole downtown, Mira decided to head back home as for what she's looking for isn't there (she was really expecting to go to Times Square). So we finally head back home.

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