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My first full day

Monday, 31st June.

-It was my first day working at GSC full day. Not bad, I would say. Haha

Everything was just peachy, nothing much since it was the first day of the week and it's a weekday, not many customer. But I got to know something, Monday is Kak Rose's day and Tuesday is Kak Intan's day. They're both the crew leader for the workers at the concession stand. Kak Intan usually takes the morning shift and Kak Rose takes the night shift. But on Monday, Kak Rose have the full day and Kak Intan have Tuesday. So it came to a battle between both crew leaders. They will see which of them will have the most sale on both their day. And usually, Kak Rose will win. Most of the time, Kak Rose wins. Like this week for instance, on Monday, Kak Rose's sale point was 2.86 and on Tuesday, Kak Intan's sale point was 2.43. And once again, Kak Rose wins. *clap hands*

And since I've begun to like night shifts even better, I decided to root for Kak Rose instead.

That night, Kak Rose told me about this 'touch n go' club she came up with. It's a club for those whose hands is fast enough to grab or touch other people body parts when they pass by. It's so hilarious s. Most of the time we will be grabbing ass and crotch but with Kak Rose we can only do it to her shoulder, hands, tummy and her back. Her private parts are limited and hard to 'touch' because she's very good and evading and running away. She's quite funny and active for a middle-aged woman.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Since that day was May the 31st. The Baskin Robbin shop below the GSC was having a discounted sale. With extra cash in hands, I thought of trying to buy my first Baskin Robbin's ice cream. Boy, there were sure lots of people queuing up to buy ice cream there. Just imagine, I was on queue from 8pm and at 9pm I got to choose my ice cream and waited another 10 minutes to line up to pay and pick up my ice cream. It was a very long queue... well, it is a 31% discounted price LOL...

But, I was patient enough to wait in line. I bought a quart cup (it's quite large I tell you...) and a mixture of two ice cream flavor : Mad About Chocolate(a mixture of white, dark and milk chocolate that is very rich in chocolate) and Very Berry(strawberry flavored with real berry mixtures). And tada....

My first Baskin Robbins!!!

Some random pictures : 

Sesi mengetip kuku by Aza

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