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A day with my otaku best friend.

On the 23rd of June, I finally stopped working, it was my last day .........eeeh.. wait... this blog entry was supposed to be about the next day, 24th of June.

So, macam ni la... tiba2 x kerja, and I had the whole day with nothing to do. And then it struck me, I haven't watched all the latest movies yet though maybe I did took some sneak peaks but I wanted to watch the full ones, so I was thinking of spending the day off doing movie-marathon. So I tried calling some of my friends but after a long time seeking for anyone who's free I finally got Chee to come because he was heading to Mid Valley for something. So, utk pendekkan cerita, dh sampai GSC Mid Valley and we picked three movies altogether, chaining all three, right after another. and the best part of it was, all of the tickets were F.O.C.!!!!!! (I used up all the staff pass I've collected when I was working)

So, the movies are :

Toy Story 3 Original Movie Poster Advance Characters

Toy Story 3
-the final installment of toy story 3 was a hit. It has lots of funny moments, doll-tastic and fun-tastic moments and not to mention the adventures and excitements! the story did a major impact during the ending and it was perfect! The sad ending was totally worth it-


Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang
-I've never watched the first movie but this movie has convinced me enough that the first one was also as interesting as this one. The story is full of funny and touching moments, all the five lessons : not to fight each other, sharing, helping each other, (I've forgotten the fourth one..darn!), and finally, to have faith. The movies installs a lot of good morals and behaviour and it was comically funny too. The ending was sad but it was really worth it-

The Karate Kid Original Movie Poster Jackie Chan

Karate Kid
-funny, full of action, and a good storyline, and oh, not to mention Jackie Chan's funny acts!! This movie has got it all and it totally hit big time!!! You guys must watch this!!!-

After the movies, we finally head back home as for there is nothing left to do and it is already late. We part ways at the KTM and head back separately. 

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