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Another Off Day

on the 19th June, I took another off day just to hang out with my bitches because my semester break only left for like one week and we need to hangout more because we won't be seeing each other for a long time. We decided to go mandi-manda at sungai. At first I wanted to go to Bukit Belacan cause I've never been there but Wani insisted we go somewhere else because it's not that really fun there. So, we decided to go Sungai Congkak instead.

Setelah penat berjalan mencari spot utk mandi yang best ( there were lots of people that day... it was Saturday after all...), we stop by and Wani wanted to do a JUMP photo and we did, here's some of the best ones!

I wanted to do a much better one next time~

So, akhirnya, we found a spot. Not too crowded and not that bad. We had so much fun main-main air and gelak-gelak... Seriously, dah lame tak dapat gelak macam org gile cam hari tu.. Penat gelak je memanjang... Cakap skit, gelak, cakap lagi skit, gelak... X HABIS-HABIS GELAK!!!

tgh penat-penat gelak ape sume...
boleh pulak ade rama-rama pit stop kt atas hidung ak... gila2 sakan ktorg gelak... gatal hidung ak!!!

Dah penat2 mandi, rehat jap... ak kelaparan, and this was my brunch!
Yum.. yum.. sedapnya! dah lame x makan nasi lemak daun pisang!

Lepas penat mandi ape sume, ktorg pown chow dari situ... On the way balik, stop by kat tepi bukit tu tangkap gambar skit...

After that, ktorg actually clueless tak taw nak pergi mana next. Lepas tu wani ajak ktorg g bangsar jumpe BF kesayangan dy.. ok laaaah... memandangkan ak and mira x penah jumpe lagi BF dia tu, ktorg pown agree je.

Sampai-sampai kat bangsar je dah lapar giler. Ingat nak g makan but tak taw nak makan mane. Wani ckp kat situ ade Pappa Rich and since I haven't tried eating there and wanted to try, we head to eat there. I ordered the steamed chicken rice.


Dah la nasi x sedap air lagi laaa... ak order barley ice and x taw la macam mane nak explain, mmg x sedap giler laaaa!!! Dah lepas makan sumer, dh nak malam, akhirnya ktorg pown balik...

I had fun going out with my bitches, love you guys!!!! Thanks Mira and Wani !!!!!

The whole day and all those photos taken using :

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