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Tesco Fiasco

Thursday. Back from work as usual and nothing to do but suddenly I remembered, 'PASAR MALAM'. I asked Wanie to go with me and we did. After almost two years, finally I did what we used to do every thursday last two years, going to to the night market together. nostalgic. But it isn't fun like it used to because we're all grown up and nothing seems to fancy us enough to buy anything there...... hah, what a jerk!

So, after that little trip from night market, Wanie went back home and I waited for mommy to come back home since she hasn't and was quite late. I was worried! But then she came back home safely.. I'm sooooooooooooo relieved. Thanks god.

Took some money from mom and head to Tesco with Mira and Farah. After some shopping, we head to dinner at KFC. We didn't ate that much but we spent a long time there with all the talking and laughing.

Some random pictures...

p/s : So tired of laughing!

After that dinner, I sent Farah back home but Mira and I still have plans. We were off to meet with Ery at Tanjung. But then Mira's dad asked her to buy supper for her mom since she was hungry and we had to drive all the way back to Bukit Permai to buy food and deliver it to her parents. And then back off to Tanjung which we stayed there looking bored for a total of two hours while Ery was busy talking with his other friend....

At 2pm we head back and I was bleached!
Just imagine :

Home > Mira's H > Tesco > Home > Tanjung > Bukit Permai > Mira's H > Tanjung > Mira's H > Home.

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