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one comment

Back from work, tired and exhausted, I logged on my blog and found out one new comment to my previous blog entry... wow... isn't that RARE? I've yet to receive any and now one.... a little happy bubble pop in my tiny head! 

I went ahead and read it. It says,



aku happy gler time tu..

siap rakam2 lg..


then balik..
mak k0 p0n baik..
best dpt mak cam mak k0..
then makan lsgnia dpn umah aku..
rindu si0t..."

it was from Wanie. Thanks bitch! 
I was happy too!!! Especially when:

-we sang all out for like three hours
-'lepak' in front of your house eating the take-away lasagna

Missed you a fucking lots too! I hope we can spend more time during this semester break!!!

1 comment:

  1. hahhahah.
    mmg nk spend time same2..
    tp k0 kan keje..
    ptg2 je la kal0 nk lepak p0n..
    tp lepak kat tmbt bernyam0k..
    abes bdn n kali aku bengkak2..
    tp demi k0..
    xde hal la wey..


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