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Muet Registration day

Yesterday, 18th May.

I woke up early today since I have a big day ahead of plans today.
So, here's the sum of yesterday's schedule.

7am ~ Woke up and prepare myself (bathe, etc...)
9am ~ Send mom to work in KL but stop by at the Jalan Peranakan (or something like that....)
10am ~ really really drop mom to her workplace.
10.10am ~ head straight to Meru to pick up Faizal.
11am ~ arrived at Faizal's house and picked him up.
11.45am ~ arrived in Unisel.
12.15pm ~ finished registering MUET with Ms. Ann.
12.30pm ~ went to Ayam Besar to have lunch with Yona and Fifie.
1pm ~ went back to house in Taman Ilmu to finish some business.
1.45pm ~ move out to go to Tesco Kuala Selangor.
2.15pm ~ arrived there and shop for my working attire.
3pm ~ finished shopping and head back to Meru to drop Faizal off.
3.50pm ~ dropped him off and went straight ahead to KL to pick mom back from work.
4.40pm ~ arrived to her workplace late because of the traffic jams..
5pm ~ picked mom from workplace and head home.
6.45pm ~ finally arrived home because of the massive, sluggish traffic jam!
7pm ~ went out again to Old Town below Bukit Permai to have dinner with Atiem and Mira.
9pm ~ finished dinner and rushed to The Store in Paragon to buy my white shirt.
9.30pm ~ arrived home and finally finished everything planned for that day.

Random pic for today :

Faizal's House

Exterior, Front Yard 

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