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From nothing to tiring

16th May. Supposed to be that I have no plan for the day but from nothing at all into everything and tiring. I woke up and called Wanie asking her what is she doing today and she said Pavilion. I said yes!

So, I went to Pavi with her and her friend, Nina. But we only stop by for a while and head on to Sungai Wang instead. Since we're so thirsty, we went to buy some refreshments at the Cool Blog Store. That is one fancy shop and I'm sure gonna go there again next time. We walked around and round looking for shops that is looking for part-timers since both of us wanted to work part-time during this semester break. So, after a tiring job-hunting session, suddenly Atiem phoned me. She said she was coming there in the Segitiga Bermuda area with Mira because they wanted to watch a movie. I said, fine, I'll join them. Too bad for Wanie because she didn't want to stay with us because she is heading off to Bangsar to meet her boyfriend. But before she leaves, she accompanies me back to Pavi. Then I waited for like almost an hour for Mira and Atiem to arrive because they were stuck in a traffic jam.

Once both of them arrived, we head the lower ground floor for lunch. After lunch we went round in round Pavi because the movie started 3.40pm and it is still 2pm. We went by in Parkson and Mira showed me here the item that she retailed in her working place was displayed there.

p/s: I'm like soooooo fucking proud of her!!! All the clothes displayed in the pic was retailed and selected by her.

After wasting some time walking here and there, the time finally come for us to to the GSC and watch the movie. We watched Nightmare in Elm Street and it was marvy! But it is such a gruesome movie.... extreme ferocious killing and mass blood spilling... eeeewwwww......

After that movie, we head back home but we stopped by this Arab shop nearby Andalus which Atiem knew of. WE had our dinner and then finally went back home. I was darn freaking tired that day cause I've been walking alot. From Pavi->Sg Wang->Lot 10->Pavi->Sg Wang. Superbly tiring.... Hadoyai!!!

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