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First day of work in GSC

Working at GSC is by far is the most relaxing and laidback job I've ever taken besides the job as an office boy in APMM before, plus, I enjoyed it. 

At first I had to do inventory, that one was confusing since I'm not good with numbers and counting, and that work has a lot of numbers. Then I learnt how to fill drinks and popcorns and help with snacks. Then the sister there ask me to memorize the popcorn, drinks and combo  prices since next she's gonna teach me how to handle the cashing machine. I aced it in one try. Maybe because of all those extensive memorizing skills I did during previous exams helped me in memorizing. And then came the cashier part. This one is hard, since I don't know how to void or delete items. But so far, I did well on other things. It was fun, especially taking orders from people and how to see differently in other people's perspective (behind the counter, that is).

Aside from the work itself, my co-workers are very nice and laidback too. Like me, most of them doesn't mind about the pay of the job which one of my friend thought that it is not worth it. She might be saying the truth but I'm not a picky person and if I see an opportunity, I'll grab it. Besides, I'm too bored or tired with waiter position already. I want to try something new as I do love to experiment new things. So what if the pay is puny, but the work is less tiring and redundant.

So, just one day and I became close with my co-workers. They're nice, funny and not too technical to speak with. Besides, they're just normal people. I became close with this girl name Ikah. She's as damn cute as a doll. She's perky and cheeky, bubbly and childish, easy to be with, fun and interesting to have around. Her hairstyle is odd, for me, but what the heck, she is still super-uber cute!!!! I noticed she wears quite less make-up on her face. She wears a thin eyelining and a heavy blush color (rosy and pink!). I think that is what makes her look cute as a doll.

After I finished my shift today at 6pm, Ikah invited me to watch Ironman 2 and I agreed since today is the last day screening for that movie and I can just watch it for free. I invited Atiem too since we did promised to watch that movie together.

Right after the movie, I finally part ways with Ikah and asked Atiem to drive me home. Not bad for my first day of work. I wonder what is in store for me tomorrow and the day to come. Wish me luck and all the best, my friends!!!!

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