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Errands + Shopping = Photoshoot

fter the morning class on Tuesday, Yat wanted to go to Kuala Selangor to fix his Maybank card and Mien accompanied him. I wanted to withdraw my money too, so I tag along.
We arrived there and waited till he finishes his bizz. Due to some problems, we had to wait for like half an hour. We spent it on going to the bundle shop nearby. I was so excited to buy some new shirts and jeans but too bad, they don't have many jeans in my size.... Urrgghh... I have got to starve myself and get slimmer. This is just too much! So, I was so angry at my auntie because she hadn't banked in my money yet. I wanted to buy this sweater that stole my eye away. Regrettably, I had to borrow money from Yat to buy it.
After that, he was informed that he have to go back to the branch that he applied his card, because they can't process the data there.

So, all of us were hungry and we went to lunch. I asked if we could go to the Tesco nearby and they agreed. We were so caught up there, we've forgotten all about Madam Jaga's class that afternoon. So we had to skip class.

Back at home in Taman Ilmu, we tested the new outfit and were satisfied with it. I did a photoshoot for Mien with his new shirt and variety of hairstyles. Hahahahahaha....! I had fun taking his pictures. These were the best of all.

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