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Cuti, Rehat & Karaoke!


Today was my day off from work. At first I didn't know what to do for the whole day. Whether I'd be spending my whole day on PS2 or just watch tv and sleep all day. But as usual, I sent my mom to work and then on the way back I found something that should not have been inside the car, Ikah's wallet. So I called her and told her bout it. She told me she had been looking for it all day long since yesterday. So, off to Taman Connought I went to send it to her.

Then, I went home. I was bored and logged on to my facebook and Wanie was online to, coincidentally. We chatted and suddenly out of nothing, we spontaneously thought of going to Karaoke. But before that I promised to watch movie with Atiem in GSC Pavilion but since she wanted to go there late at 6pm or so, I can't because I had to pick my mom back from work.

So, Wanie and I head off to Jusco Cheras Selatan to go for Karaoke. We booked for the 2pm room since we head to lunch first at Pizza Hut.

Boy, the service sure is slacking off... the waiters aren't aware of customers needing services and the food was so slow to arrive. We were so hungry! We managed to only ate two slices of pizza and wrap the rest for the go since we have to get in the GreenBox punctually at 2pm.
Wanie booked for a full three hour karaoke session and I thought,

"this girl is fucking crazy! all 3 hours, just the two of us? Sakit tekak la ak melalak karang!"

But, we did survived that three hours without getting our throats that drastically parched. Barely made it out! Haha! Next, I rushed off to pick my mom from work with Wanie still tagging along. Huh, not bad. They could talk.... unlike some of my friends whom are like sooo speechless when my mom and them in the same place. Wanie even said,

"Baiknye mak ko. Lembut je dy ckp. X garang pown. Ramah giler dowh!"

I smiled so wide hearing that statement! Thx Wanie, and I love my mom so much!!!

1 comment:

  1. hahahah..
    aku happy gler time tu..
    siap rakam2 lg..
    then balik..
    mak k0 p0n baik..
    best dpt mak cam mak k0..
    then makan lsgnia dpn umah aku..
    rindu si0t...


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