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Big Dinner Before Exam

As usual, before the exam week started, we've always manage to get around together and have a big dinner to talk about the current semester and gossips and rumours and blah blah blah...

So, our venue this time was supposed to be our favorite, long-forgotten C.K.T. but it was closed on that day. So we were kind of devastated and clueless on where to go. Afiq said he had an idea and lets just all followed him. So, he drove Yona's car and we followed him all the way to the Riverview Seafood in Pasir Penambang. It was an okay place at first. The foods were tasty, really tasty but like totally expensive but the service was fine. The total of our dinner that night was RM189. Can you believe it?! A fucking RM189!!!! Well, whatever it is, we had fun.

And as usual, our topic for discussion is random, lots of 'bahan-membahan' session, a lil drama here and there, our kak long kilauan make a fool of herself, Mien's funny jokes and catch-phrase, and laughter filled moments. And this time, it was a perfect place to play our favorite 'Truth or Dare' game. We played the game for a while only because there was this one or two or three people who are so no fun at all. Whatevs!
We finished off and went back early because there are people who says they want to go back and study.... yeah, whatevs.

But, whatever it is, that night was a big mistake and I'm never ever gonna go back there again. It's fuckingly retarded expensive. I had to cut my expenses for that week to pay for that dinner. Seriously, that dinner is one thing I regret the most in this semester. It was such a bad choice.
Seriously, no like totally seriously, I would be fantastic even if I were left out at home and not able to go there that night. I won't even get all touchy or emo for not able to come because I knew, that night was more black than white. Hahaha, whatevs!!!!

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