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Just Pitchy

After finished working for the day, most of my friends at the GSC wanted to go check out the Chinese Night Market in front of Leisure Mall since we most of us already took our paycheck the day before. My total pay was RM192.50. HAHAHA!

My friend, Azan wanted to buy a pair of shoes and Kak Intan wanted to buy this delicious satay that she told us while working that morning. I wanted to try that satay too but Ikah was so persistent asking me not to follow them anymore deeper in the night market. Sick of her complaining, I followed her request and we went to the McD instead. We were joined by my favourite funny friend, Aza.

But before that, earlier that day when we wanted to punched out for the day, Ikah collected the prize for her deal with En.Faizal (our sporting supervisor) for asking two stewards' numbers. He promised her a set meal of Kenny Rogers and he pay his end of the bargain. He gave her a set meal of Kenny Rogers. Whoa, lucky her!

All three of us ate the meal together at McD. While eating, we had so much fun talking and laughing. I love it when Aza makes her funny faces (which she jsut loves to do it and most of it are different and very very funy. And she loves to do this funny voice like Upin &Ipin). She's soooo funny!!!

After that meal, we part ways and head back home.

Later that night, Wanie called me, asking to accompany her to buy dinner (burger) near the 7-Eleven. After that, we ate the burgers in front of her house on the floor like we're having a picnic. We had so much to talked and catch up since we haven't hang out as much as Mira and I did.
We'll find some more time, my dear!

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