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3rd Day & Shrek the 3rd : Final Chapter

Whoa, it's really cold right now (7am in the morning, 22nd May). The air breeze is awesome and so tantalizing... I'm practically writing this blog in front of my house near the fields, outdoor. It's refreshing and rejuvenating. So, many fresh air. Ok, enough about that.

So, yesterday, I got my vest already and a name tag. I wanted the name tag to be 'mimie' but Kak Intan (my crew leader in morning shift) said :

"aaah, akak x nak name2 glamour. bagi name penuh!"

UUhhh.... I wanted it to be that but I got 'Najmi' instead... it's not that I don't like it, it's just that I prefer it to be 'mimie' cause by that way, it's easy to recognize my name. aaah, whatevs.


I believed that besides Ikah, I've found one friend who I share most common interests and easy to be with her, Aza. She's so damn fucking cute and extremely funny. She 'melatah' a LOT. Both of us do, so they like to tease us. And she is also trying to keep her body weight down, so both of us is going on diets. She is doing this 'bubur McD' diet. She said that the porridge is good for the tummy, it cleanses and it get rids of the toxic in our body. Bak kata aza,
"bubur mcd ni bukan je sedap, makan je cepat kenyang, xde lar makan byk, x mahal..." 
 She's funny, I tell you.

So, one more thing is that last night, Ikah and I wanted to watch Shrek so did some sort of a double date, she with her her bf and me with mire. whatevs.... anyway.... the main point is not last night events, but the movie itself!!!!

Shrek 3 ~ this one is a-okay with a little twist from the exact story. Fiona never gets rescued from the tower so she escaped from it herself. Donkey never knew shrek, puss is one big FAT cute cat!!!!!! That is what I love soooooooooooo much from that movie!!! Puss was this big fat cat!!! Everything about him is so cute and  loveable!! I kept on screaming everytime he shows up in the movie. I can't believe that he is soooooooooooooo fucking cute!!! You guys just have got to watch it!!!!!!

Quote from Puss :

"Feed me, If you dare!"

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