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prince of cards!

Saturday, 29th May.

After work, I quickly rushed back home to pick up Mira and my monyetz cause I invited them to watch the new movie Prince of Persia. The actualy party was :

- Mira, Atiem, Farah, Zufar and I

But something else came out (my lil bro is such a pussy fucking jerk shit making a scene out of something not that critical) came out. So the party changed into :

-Mira, Atiem, Farah, Yong and I.

Yong is Farah's friend and frankly, I like this Yong girl better than her other friends (Hana & Ain). She's much more modest and well-mannered. And she's sweet too!

So after picking up Farah and Yong at home, I rushed off to pick Mira from her home next. Waited for her like 5 minute or so and then we head straight away to Leisure Mall. We meet up with Atiem there since her sister dropped her off there and she'll be coming back home with us instead.

Clearly, Prince of Persia : The Movie was well-made. It was worth it to watch! Though I didn't have to pay for it. Hahahaha... Trust me, it's awesome and you guys just have to watch it.

After the movie, we went straight to dinner since most of us is starving. We went to the Oldtown nearby to Mira's house.

Some random pictures :

After the dinner, I dropped Atiem at her house and Yong at hers and finally Farah at ours. But the night wasn't over for Mira and I. I finally managed to bring Mira to Andalus since her friend wanted to meet her there. She wasn't all that impressed. Heh, I don't care. But what is so interesting that night when we 'lepak' there is that I became like one of those regular Andalus student customer who spends most of their time there playing cards!!! Just imagine, from 12 midnight until 5am just playing cards and talking nonsense...whoa... I can't even believe myself doing so! Her friends was not bad. They're quite funny as we exchange funny stories about our uni and theirs. It's refreshing to hear about other uni instead of mine, every other time. Like people always said, new experiences are always fresher! So many interesting stories were told while we were busy playing cards and all. But it wasn't over. We weren't still finished with playing cards and so we moved to Steven's corner in Pandan Indah since Andalus was closing we had to leave. But the game at Steven's wasn't as long as we did in Andalus as for at 6am, they had already left and I finally sent Mira back to her home and I finally went back home to sleep!

Thank goodness that my working shift the day tomorrow was at night, so I spent most of the next day repleneshing my energy by sleeping! Hahaha!

Just Pitchy

After finished working for the day, most of my friends at the GSC wanted to go check out the Chinese Night Market in front of Leisure Mall since we most of us already took our paycheck the day before. My total pay was RM192.50. HAHAHA!

My friend, Azan wanted to buy a pair of shoes and Kak Intan wanted to buy this delicious satay that she told us while working that morning. I wanted to try that satay too but Ikah was so persistent asking me not to follow them anymore deeper in the night market. Sick of her complaining, I followed her request and we went to the McD instead. We were joined by my favourite funny friend, Aza.

But before that, earlier that day when we wanted to punched out for the day, Ikah collected the prize for her deal with En.Faizal (our sporting supervisor) for asking two stewards' numbers. He promised her a set meal of Kenny Rogers and he pay his end of the bargain. He gave her a set meal of Kenny Rogers. Whoa, lucky her!

All three of us ate the meal together at McD. While eating, we had so much fun talking and laughing. I love it when Aza makes her funny faces (which she jsut loves to do it and most of it are different and very very funy. And she loves to do this funny voice like Upin &Ipin). She's soooo funny!!!

After that meal, we part ways and head back home.

Later that night, Wanie called me, asking to accompany her to buy dinner (burger) near the 7-Eleven. After that, we ate the burgers in front of her house on the floor like we're having a picnic. We had so much to talked and catch up since we haven't hang out as much as Mira and I did.
We'll find some more time, my dear!

Tesco Fiasco

Thursday. Back from work as usual and nothing to do but suddenly I remembered, 'PASAR MALAM'. I asked Wanie to go with me and we did. After almost two years, finally I did what we used to do every thursday last two years, going to to the night market together. nostalgic. But it isn't fun like it used to because we're all grown up and nothing seems to fancy us enough to buy anything there...... hah, what a jerk!

So, after that little trip from night market, Wanie went back home and I waited for mommy to come back home since she hasn't and was quite late. I was worried! But then she came back home safely.. I'm sooooooooooooo relieved. Thanks god.

Took some money from mom and head to Tesco with Mira and Farah. After some shopping, we head to dinner at KFC. We didn't ate that much but we spent a long time there with all the talking and laughing.

Some random pictures...

p/s : So tired of laughing!

After that dinner, I sent Farah back home but Mira and I still have plans. We were off to meet with Ery at Tanjung. But then Mira's dad asked her to buy supper for her mom since she was hungry and we had to drive all the way back to Bukit Permai to buy food and deliver it to her parents. And then back off to Tanjung which we stayed there looking bored for a total of two hours while Ery was busy talking with his other friend....

At 2pm we head back and I was bleached!
Just imagine :

Home > Mira's H > Tesco > Home > Tanjung > Bukit Permai > Mira's H > Tanjung > Mira's H > Home.

Out on the green

Lately I've maken a habit of sitting outside in front of my house near the field every morning to online before I go to work. It's cold, refreshing and so peaceful, besides, the internet connection is awesome outside... hahaha. 

I can take a puff while I'm out there online-ing cause I can't do so inside the house.... hahaha.

I love it out...........!!!

-dah sewel....!

GSC Life

Everyday work in GSC is so fun. Though my feet and ankle blisters and in pain sometimes because standing for too long, I enjoyed my time working there...

Some random pics....

During break time...

And thank to these two bitches, my life has never been boring while working!!

one comment

Back from work, tired and exhausted, I logged on my blog and found out one new comment to my previous blog entry... wow... isn't that RARE? I've yet to receive any and now one.... a little happy bubble pop in my tiny head! 

I went ahead and read it. It says,



aku happy gler time tu..

siap rakam2 lg..


then balik..
mak k0 p0n baik..
best dpt mak cam mak k0..
then makan lsgnia dpn umah aku..
rindu si0t..."

it was from Wanie. Thanks bitch! 
I was happy too!!! Especially when:

-we sang all out for like three hours
-'lepak' in front of your house eating the take-away lasagna

Missed you a fucking lots too! I hope we can spend more time during this semester break!!!

Cuti, Rehat & Karaoke!


Today was my day off from work. At first I didn't know what to do for the whole day. Whether I'd be spending my whole day on PS2 or just watch tv and sleep all day. But as usual, I sent my mom to work and then on the way back I found something that should not have been inside the car, Ikah's wallet. So I called her and told her bout it. She told me she had been looking for it all day long since yesterday. So, off to Taman Connought I went to send it to her.

Then, I went home. I was bored and logged on to my facebook and Wanie was online to, coincidentally. We chatted and suddenly out of nothing, we spontaneously thought of going to Karaoke. But before that I promised to watch movie with Atiem in GSC Pavilion but since she wanted to go there late at 6pm or so, I can't because I had to pick my mom back from work.

So, Wanie and I head off to Jusco Cheras Selatan to go for Karaoke. We booked for the 2pm room since we head to lunch first at Pizza Hut.

Boy, the service sure is slacking off... the waiters aren't aware of customers needing services and the food was so slow to arrive. We were so hungry! We managed to only ate two slices of pizza and wrap the rest for the go since we have to get in the GreenBox punctually at 2pm.
Wanie booked for a full three hour karaoke session and I thought,

"this girl is fucking crazy! all 3 hours, just the two of us? Sakit tekak la ak melalak karang!"

But, we did survived that three hours without getting our throats that drastically parched. Barely made it out! Haha! Next, I rushed off to pick my mom from work with Wanie still tagging along. Huh, not bad. They could talk.... unlike some of my friends whom are like sooo speechless when my mom and them in the same place. Wanie even said,

"Baiknye mak ko. Lembut je dy ckp. X garang pown. Ramah giler dowh!"

I smiled so wide hearing that statement! Thx Wanie, and I love my mom so much!!!

3rd Day & Shrek the 3rd : Final Chapter

Whoa, it's really cold right now (7am in the morning, 22nd May). The air breeze is awesome and so tantalizing... I'm practically writing this blog in front of my house near the fields, outdoor. It's refreshing and rejuvenating. So, many fresh air. Ok, enough about that.

So, yesterday, I got my vest already and a name tag. I wanted the name tag to be 'mimie' but Kak Intan (my crew leader in morning shift) said :

"aaah, akak x nak name2 glamour. bagi name penuh!"

UUhhh.... I wanted it to be that but I got 'Najmi' instead... it's not that I don't like it, it's just that I prefer it to be 'mimie' cause by that way, it's easy to recognize my name. aaah, whatevs.


I believed that besides Ikah, I've found one friend who I share most common interests and easy to be with her, Aza. She's so damn fucking cute and extremely funny. She 'melatah' a LOT. Both of us do, so they like to tease us. And she is also trying to keep her body weight down, so both of us is going on diets. She is doing this 'bubur McD' diet. She said that the porridge is good for the tummy, it cleanses and it get rids of the toxic in our body. Bak kata aza,
"bubur mcd ni bukan je sedap, makan je cepat kenyang, xde lar makan byk, x mahal..." 
 She's funny, I tell you.

So, one more thing is that last night, Ikah and I wanted to watch Shrek so did some sort of a double date, she with her her bf and me with mire. whatevs.... anyway.... the main point is not last night events, but the movie itself!!!!

Shrek 3 ~ this one is a-okay with a little twist from the exact story. Fiona never gets rescued from the tower so she escaped from it herself. Donkey never knew shrek, puss is one big FAT cute cat!!!!!! That is what I love soooooooooooo much from that movie!!! Puss was this big fat cat!!! Everything about him is so cute and  loveable!! I kept on screaming everytime he shows up in the movie. I can't believe that he is soooooooooooooo fucking cute!!! You guys just have got to watch it!!!!!!

Quote from Puss :

"Feed me, If you dare!"

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