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Tired of recycling!

20th April 2010. Nothing important, my current life it at its normal pleasure. By the way, I've raised the issues of Lan recycling the same profile pictures again and again in FB and I've gotten pretty tired of it. It's none of my bizz, I know....but I got sick because he frequently changes his profile picture but every time he would recycle the same set of pictures over and over again......... I got tired.

So, today, I had the nerve to force him to be my model and to snap him some new pictures. Enough with those ridiculous headdresses picture of you. It's disgusting to look at it again and again.... So I took some pictures.

Later, after a couple of minute, we were joined by Karen, Megha, Pravina and Sanju. So, they come blend in the rojak also laaaa.... Hahahaha!!!

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