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Peace and Lake!


19th April 2010. After Madam Hamidah's class, we went to the 'Pasar Malam' as usual and bought our dinner. What I didn't know is the next thing that they had already planned. Eating while enjoying the views of the lake. They told me they started doing it last week, and I didn't know because of a little misunderstanding that happened.

It was so nice to finally be able to stop and relax from the chaotic life of our busy student life for once, and enjoy nature at its best. The sky is clear, the winds are blowing hard, the air is as clean as it can get, and best part of it all, the sun was hiding behind some dark clouds.

So, we sat there eating until Ayie started throwing rocks at the lake and everybody started to pitch in. Realizing that that is a cam moments, I started snapping pictures.

It started with some funny throwing rocks class session conducted by Ayie.

"Throw out your voice and concentrate on 'lontar-ing' the rocks with as many mights as you can"

Those throwing rocks phrases were so funny, we can't stop laughing. And then I wanted to do the Jump! pictures which I love the most, so, took some I did.


"Enjoy those little silly things,
cause you will never know
when they are going to be there
and entertain you again..."

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