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Malam Aspirasi Seni


For this semester's theater, our PKKU theater group could not do our own event, instead, we were invited to do a side show on it...

So our theater was called "Mimpi". I don't want to explain what is it all about, I'll give you a clue : PGL. So, last Tuesday, it was the day of our performance. We've only managed to practice on the show for like two weeks only but we managed to pull it through and the performance was as we expected.

I chose to be the "Nenek Kebayan" because I wanted to try something different and I'm glad that they would all let me do it. I nailed it! Not just that, the make-ups and the outfit for the "Nenek Kebayan" was even glamorous and stylish than the usual crappy, ugly looking "Nenek Kebayan". 

So, we had fun, and a couple of it since I was told by Apek that this semester will be the last semester for Apek and Viva. So, it looks like if next semester there's a call for theater show, Man will be directing it instead.

I got to know some more new friends, Nad's classmates and some more : Fira, Nana, Fara, Esah, BB, Aril, Bam, Amir and there's this guy (I forgotten his name... never actually knew... hahaha). We all had fun doing the show.

As usual, there's always cam-whoring session!!!



Thank you so much you guys,
for the new memories for this stressful semester.
-one who'll be missing u all-

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