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Jalan-jalan Shah Alam

Saturday, 17th of April 2010. I'm never going to forget this date!
- Thank you to Fiffie for letting me use her car for the weekend, thank you very much!!!

Me, Faizal and Mien went to Shah Alam for one whole day trip. We move out from Taman Ilmu at about 10am like that and straightaway to Shah Alam. Our First stop was supposed to be the SACC to go and scout for Faizal's requested PC games but we head to i-City first. On the way there, we stop by this neighborhood where Faizal used to live when he was staying in SA.

He was happy to see his old house. It was in Jalan Pualam 3 or something like that. The house is in bad shape right now cause the person staying there right now seems to not take good care of it. The gates were rusty, the paints were all worn out and it looked like a big mess. But still he was happy and nostalgic that we stop by to see his previous home.

Then we stop by the playground near his house where he used to play. He said that when he was staying there, every evening he'll go there, playing from 5-7pm. He said he used to be SLIM before when he was so active in playing and running around there. Hahaha! I believe you, Jal. I believe you.

We sat there and he would tell all his stories of all the girls and guys that used to hang out at this playground. It was nice to see for once, when we out, Faizal was the main attention.

Cam-whoring session!!!


Playing with the monkey bars is so much fun! I've almost forgotten how much fun it was. I remembered the upside down 'bat' pose and I did it.


Then we said bye-bye to the playground and head to Khulafa for our brunch because Faizal was hungry.

We stayed there for half and hour and started moving back to our destination, i-City. Yes, people would say we were dumb to go there in this time because it is still morning and the lights aren't gonna be lit at this time of hour but we still went there.

A little side-story, our Mr. Faizal has graduated as SA tourist guide instructor with an A-. He know the roads in SA like the back of his hand. We never got lost. In like every roundabouts you can find in SA, he knows which leads to which and which way we should to reach our destination faster. 

The funny part was, our little detour to the i-City. We followed his directions and end up in a wrong dead-end to that place. Even better, there's this makcik that followed us behind into the dead-end too. Hahahaha! The we took the right road back and reach i-City in safe condition. And there the makcik was, tailing us from behind to get to the i-City too.

So we got there in the noon, but what the heck, it is still pretty. Don't believe me? Go see for yourself.

Next, we went to Shah Alam City Center or most commonly known as SACC. When we got in, we walked around and stop by the MPH and read some books. We were busy and caught up looking at the books in 'Self Help' sections or what I refer as 'psychological' sections where all the books like 'how to not be angry' or 'living a life with no boundaries' and stuffs like those. Do you know why I started to get interested in books like that? Because of the book 'Don't Sweat the Small Stuff' that I borrowed from Zack. That book thought me well on how to be more patient and how to let yourself out of stress. It's a very good book. I learned a lot from that book.

Coincidentally, we met Danial a.k.a. Bear at the MPH when were leaving. He finished his Diploma pratical recently and he's interviewing at the Cambridge tuition class at the 3rd or 4th floor at the SACC for admin position. I'm glad he turned out well after all of his hard work. It was fun chatting with him for a while.

Next, I stop by Elianto to get a new nail polish color; BLUE. And the we finally found the games shop which Faizal was looking for. He bought the War game something-something and I bought a Yahoo games collection. My lappy can't support high graphic games anymore. If it push it, it'll overheat rapidly and when it does, it'll automatically shuts itself down. I hate it when it does that.

Next, I stop by this Chocolate Circle shop to buy my share of Kisses that I was punished for letting my phone rings inside Madam Hamidah's class.

After we're done with Faizal's main objective of going out, we started timing the clock because my main objective of coming to SA starts at nighttime. And Mien's also. So I suggested we just go round and round all the Mall in SA that Faizal knows of. We went out from SACC and into ....

Plaza Alam Sentral or most commonly known as PAS. It's surprise to see how stupid or dumb it is to put almost four malls directly close to each other. There's PAS, SACC, PKNS and this upcoming new mall Anggerik Mall, all directly next to each other. I mean like, it'd be dumb because customers aren't gonna flourish in either of this mall because of the inconvenient customers choices of which mall is better. Anyway.... that is too much crap.

Walked around inside and head into Speedy. I was looking for the new Namie Amuro album which apparently have not come into Malaysia's possession yet. Aaaaaarggghh....... her new songs are like awesome!!

Looking at the stalls set up by the floors, I found some of the bags that Madammmoiselle Theory sells too but apparently, it looks much uglier because it is a knockoff.  I saw one of those Chanel inpired bags and they're like so hideous. It's materials are like.... eeewww and the structure and the.... everything is just............eeeeeeeewwwww menyakitkan mata. It looked so ugly because they can't even do a good replica or authentic item from an original expensive item. But I credit them for knowing the fashion bizz world quite good since they sells a lot of studded items since studded right now are like soooooooooooo IN!

So, then we went around from floor to floor looking for something interesting and there we found one.

Who'd ever guessed, Mien had his own boutique.......... Hahahahahahaha, darn he so proud of it.

Then we decided to hit the top floor where the food court is. Faizal was hungry again but we said, just wait up. We'll have dinner soon. So, instead, we had desserts. Mien and Faizal were sharing ABC and I bought Laicikang.

I was pissed off at one of the shops that sell drinks because they banned me from drinking my favorite drink!

Since I wanted to take a puff, we went back down and outside waited for me to finished up my cigarette. While waiting we were talking about this ridiculous ad inside the radio where a "hot" girl said that people should pay when they are looking or staring at people who are like "hot". We were like, what the fuck is that? God gave us eyes for free to look at anything and you want us to pay for looking at you? EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW, so retarded.

The we discuss on our next event. It was almost 5pm at that time. Mien wanted to watch the football match between Manchester United and Manchester City at 7.50pm. I looked at Faizal and he was like so eager to go back already but I said I don't want to because it'll be a total waste of time to go back to unisel to watch the game at home and then go back to shah alam to go to the i-City. So, I planned like this. First, we have to go to another mall, but where, I don't know. Faizal suggested Jusco and we all agreed. Then counting the times, we could afford to hang out there in Jusco until 7pm and went back to Khulafa and watch the game. Afer that, then we can go to my main objective of this outing ; i-City. Finally, we're on the same boat.

So, Jusco we went!

Arrived there, we stop by Padini cause Mien wanted to see some clothes. After that, we stop by McD to buy ice-creams and next to McD there was this stall that sells those classic glass bottle of coke. I bought one.

While walking some more, we found out the reason why Afrina always skip class and absent lots of time. She had her own shop... no wonder....!!!! hahahaaha!!!!


When we finished our tour, we want to head back to Khulafa but Faizal is not quite sure which road to go. And this time, it's my fault. Confidently I entered the wrong track and ended up to Setia Alam and almost to Meru. Thank goodness, Faizal was there to save the day and he showed the way to go back into SA. 

We did not stop at Khulafa but at this Hakim Bistro or just Hakim... (was it? aaah never mind) instead to catch football. I had nan cheese there while waiting the match to start but I tell you, Khulafa's nan cheese tasted soooo much better. This one sucks. Anyway, since I'm not interested in football, I slept. I slept before and throughout the first half of the match. Before I slept, there wasn't many people surrounding us, when I woke up after that first half, I was shocked to see there was like massive huge crowd all around us. After that first half, I couldn't sleep anymore cause there were like lots of people shouting and all every time MU tries to score a goal but failed. Somehow, I got interested watching it too. I was also like, shouting and all....
Gosh.. I can't believe I did all those. Anyway........... MU wins again Man City through injury time by 1-0. It sure was a heated match cause nobody could score a goal throughout the whole first and second half. Thank goodness, during the injury time, MU manage to score one goal! YES!!! 

Glory, glory Man United~!!!!

After that match, we finally hit to i-City. There was like this huge traffic jam because people all are coming to the i-City thingy. I was impressed on how it became quite an attraction. Anyway, let's not waste time. Let's see some pictures!!!!

p/s : I cried during this picture was taken. It was so majestic and beautiful!!

Goodbye, i-City! I had FUN!!!!!

After that, we finally hit back to home. This saturday had turned out to be one heck of a saturday. An outing without stress and people fighting and problems. So much fun!!!


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