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Instinctive Pleasure

Saturday, I woke up and my heart told me to go back to KL. When I question myself why, it answered,
- you have to go back and pick up all those photo-stated copy of documents needed for next week
- you need to get the broadband bills so that you know how much you need to pay
- you are out of cash and mommy still haven't banked in money yet
- you miss your lil siblings and bitches back in ampang

so I asked Zul to send me to the BB Bus Station and I took the bus home. Arriving at KL, I couldn't go anywhere that much since mommy's car is not present. I asked Mira if she had plans for that day and she told me that she, Wanie and Atiem already at Jusco Cheras Selatan, karaoke-ing. I stayed home for a couple hours looking for the documents and at 4pm or so, Mira invited me to go for Pizza with the others. Off to Pizza Hut we went.

It was so much fun talking and chatting with all three of them after all these times not seeing each other. So much FUN!!! Apparently, Wanie has lost her mind or what nowadays most teenagers would say "masok air" since she can't stop making stupid jokes, talking crap and make a complete fool out of herself!!! We had a blast!!!

Night time, I asked Mira to accompany me to Tesco to buy some things and Shahq tag along cause we're hitching a ride from him since mommy's car is STILL not present at that time. After shopping for some things, we head to Old Town for supper. Boy, do I miss eating at Old Town.....

After the supper, we said goodbyes and head home. But that wasn't the end of the day for me, I went out again with my annoying monkey, Zero and his cousin (technically, mine too) to the cyber cafe, ON9. After an hour and a half, we went out and went playing snooker. I never thought that snooker is harder than pool... I kept on losing........Hahahahahaha!

After two hour spent playing snooker, then we finally decided to go back and I called it a night and went to bed. I'm so freaking glad I went back that day. I had fun!

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