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First BBQ party in our house!

Last Sunday, Faiz wanted to do our first BBQ party at our own house, so he did. He got up early that day, went to the market and bought chickens and other ingredients such as potato and veggies... They prepared everything during afternoon and kept it aside for awhile.

At 5pm and over, they started to build up the fire pit by placing the charcoals and burning it so that we can start BBQ-ing, it took quite a while because someone was so clever.............. anyway, while Zul and Faiz was busy lighting it up, the others including me, sat outside the gate and chit chat.......

There was this beautiful sunset and we just watched. Took a couple pictures of it but this is was the most fine quality I can get. The reason for the next pic was Lulu's toothbrush being left out in the living room and ants were roaming near it........ Mien took it out and made an issue of it, which was very funny.

9pm, everything was ready, some of the chickens were cooked, the chicken's sauce(faiz made it, I don't like it.... it's too bland) was ready, the vegetables are boiled and buttered, the potato salad is served and we finally started. I started eating first before them because I had to.... I'm supposed to take their pictures when they're eating............ Anyway, it was major FUN!!! Although we may not have a lot of guests and all but we still had fun in our own little private BBQ party.

I hope we could to this again some more time!!!!

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