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Clash of Boredom

Last Friday or Saturday (I can't quite recall), me, Mien, Faizal and Yona went to One Utama at night time. The objective of this trip was that Yona owes Mien a movie. So we embark on our journey at 7.30pm and arrived there at proximately 9pm. We had to stop somewhere first.... anyway, there was like this huge problem of not being able to find a parking spot because we didn't expect that it's gonna be THAT crowded that night. They dropped me off first because I had to deliver an item to a customer that she bought at my friend's blogshop. Then they meet me back at in front of the cinema. We bought the final screening for that night which is at 1am.
Who'd knew that a little misunderstanding could go worse. In order to buy some time since there's like 4 hours until that movie, me, Faizal and Mien followed me around looking for food since I'm hungry but shops everywhere in there is like closing time....... I bought some buns at BreadStory instead. Yona on the other hand do some shopping. Then we head over to the arcade upstairs and spend some time there. Naaah.... the games there was f'ing expensive....
Still got two hours more.
What to do?

The first hour was spent on going to the karaoke with Yona while Faizal went online at the cyber cafe near the cinema. And the next hour was spent on playing pools and foosball.

We got so caught up in playing and trying to win my side : Me and Yona over their team, we lost track of time and it's already 1am. We quickly head on buying poppies and drinkies and went inside to catch the movie.

One word and a whole of bullshits, SUCK! This movie sucks even worse than Percy Jackson did. They both had the same storyline, Perseus do this and that, chop Medusa's heads off, blah blah blah and nah nah nah.... Despite being the same storyline, they should have taken more initiative to make the movie even better than Percy. I'd give them the only credit for the cinematic effects, other than that, it's total zero.

Anyway, after the movie, since it is already late, we went to Andalus for a little shisha and finally head back home.

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