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Surprise Birthday Kak Wanie

Tuesday night, we rushed off from unisel to the Secret Recipe shop in Sg Buloh to buy Kak Wani's cake. Yona picked Choc Indulgence since she liked that cake very much.

Thank goodness that Secret Recipe closes at 11pm. If not, Yona would felt terrible cause not being able to buy any cake for her sis. We took some pictures and oh, the sister working there that was attending to our needs is very cute. I tried taking lots of pictures of her but she keeps avoiding every single one. She's like Zack with good evasive candid manouever..

We got to the appointed place : Naili's in Ampang, okay but our surprise kind of not a surprise when I was sent to asked the band playing there to request a birthday song for her. But we were still quite delighted that she was kind of surprised that Yona and abg Imran went all the trouble to organize this little surprise party. I took not a single picture there cause, you know how my phone is.....

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