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Lunch, Unexpected.

Tuesday, after Habibah's class, I didn't want to go back to home and stayed in Unisel while waiting for Jega's class. For lunch, I was wondering where to go to since all of the guys already went back and Yona also had gone back. there, I stood, thinking what to and where to eat......
Suddenly, I saw Megha, Sanju, and Karen walking together. I asked them where they are having their lunch and they said, "the shops in front of FITM". And I said, what the heck. So, I followed them.

Clearly, it wasn't a bad decision at all... I had some fun eating and chatting with them. Karen told me some of the funny stories of them inside the hostel such as Karen's sleeping style and Sanju's reading obsession. It's freaking funny!!!

Then we took a little trip together to the new PC Fair in the Dewan Biru. Not too many difference from the last one only that this time, there were less stalls.... Karen bought this headphones which costs only RM10!! Isn't that a great deal?!

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