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Little Mia returns Home

Today, I had taken a different route to go back home. On my journey, I've found something that I have lost for quite a time. An essence of me that I had forgotten and nearly cease to exist. Thanks to God that set my path home today and had me realized that part of me that I used to love and embrace.

Although the evening sun is scorching hot and I'm freaking bathing in my sweats because of the heat, I felt calm, so tantalized and peaceful. A soft wind breeze blowing enough to lift up the my fringe that covers my forehead, the quiet and calm atmosphere that tingles my heart giggling, and the lone walk on the road that makes me realizes how I miss a part of me that is lost. I think I've found it and I'm abso-freakin-lutely love it.

And there I stood on the lonely road, me against the world, I'm happy to enjoy all the little things that I've missed.

1 comment:

  1. hey!! how hav been babe?!?!? havent seen you in ages.. lets meet up>?


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