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Izzy's lil trip to Taman Ilmu

Today, Izzy is so sweet enough and come all the way from her KDU to Taman Ilmu just because she misses her sis (Yona) so much! Since she did came all the way here, it'd be wrong if we didn't take her out for a little spin or dinner. So, Yona and Izzy invite all of us to go to Rawang for Dinner. But not everyone followed, only me and Faizal did. The rest was so tired from the morning class. Speaking of morning class, congrats to Faiz and Mien for being noticed by Mr.Mus for creating a new theory for a term for the act of persuasion which they called as "Ayat Udang".

Anyway, all four of us went to Rawang and took a short stop at the Secret Recipe since Yona wanted to buy a slice of Chocolate Indulgence. I did not waste my chance to take a look inside the shop and was "rambang mata" on which slice of cake to buy. Lots of them are very yummy looking! So, finally I decided to buy Chocolate Banana (which doesn't taste as good as Yona's) and Izzy bought Cream Cheese. Faizal didn't want any.

So, for dinner, we went to the Old Town there. All four us had noodles for dinner. We talked and talked until I've forgotten that today, I was supposed to have a PKKU theater meeting. Then came an sms telling me that tonight's meeting was cancelled. Yay!! More time to spend with Izzy. So, we had fun laughing and all, it was marvy! 

Once we're done with dinner, we went back home straight ahead. Said goodbye to Izzy cause she's going back to her house in Saujana Utama. I barely can't wait to see her again this Saturday in her birthday party.

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