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4 days of total exhaustion

During the last four days, I've haven't been able to sleep at my usual time because there was like so many things happening and so much to do. With lots of assignments and outing, I barely able to write into my blog. So, I'm mashing up all four days into this one section. But I'll write out the dates to tell which day was the thing.

So, on Wednesday, 3th March, like I've told you guys on my previous post, Izzy came. Yada yada yada..(read the previous post).

Thursday, 4th March. Today, everything was fine until suddenly my hardcopy for the set induction presentation which was supposed to be printed got infected with virus. Damn it! Well, after a little rush hour action which me and Z did to save both for our presentation marks, we managed to get a new copy of it from our lappy which we had to go all the way back to Taman Ilmu from class to get it. We got it printed at the PP and hand in the hardcopies to Mr.Eustace. During the break hour, there was not much fun thing happening except for a little makeover I did to Lan with Tinie's scarf. First he wore it like a scarf and then I took it off and made it into GaGa-inspired big bow on the head! Now, isn't it adorable...hahahaha!

Then, later on that night, Faiz decided to go to karaoke-ing at our usual spot, Just-K Selayang. Not much fun thing there also. We finished there at about 2am and over. We went to this McDonald near Damansara because Zack requested a McMuffin burger before we got back home. But since we arrived quite early and the breakfast set starts at 4am, we chill out there first.

Now here is where the fun part starts! We started out talking and crapping like we used to until 4am. Then we bought out things and ate. After eating, then comes this idea of playing Truth or Dare game. Ieza took out her mascara and use it as a substitute of bottle. Most of us pick Dare instead of truth since sometimes people can just simply lie. We did lots of funny, malu-fying things. Only five of us played : Yonna, Azza, Ieza, Chunie and me. Faiz and Mien went to sleep in the car first since they're super sleepy. Here's the list of all the things that we dared.

Yonna : Go ask the guys for either his phone number, facebook or email.
Azza : Go to the guys and said that somebody wanted their number. Go to the guys and ask what are they doing
Chunie : Go to the akak cleaning and say "I love you, baby."
Mimie : Go to the akak at the counter and say "I miss you, baby."
Ieza : Go to the guys and say "Hi abang, sihat tak?" [waited for like 10 minutes until she did it... too nervous she said]. Go to the counter and gedikly ask for a refill for water[failed]. Stand up on the chair and shout "I'm proud to be Malaysian"[failed the first attempt but on second time, she did it]. Go to the umbrella stand and took one of it and open it there for two second [failed].

Yes, you guessed it right, Ieza was the major victim of that game!!!! There are more things we dared but I've forgotten but I tell you, most of them are simply funny and malu-fying things! So, then, at about 5pm and over we finally decided to hit the road and go back home.

Friday, 5th March. Today, Yonna's little brother, Syafiq, came all the way from Johor so that he could hangout with us. He's funny and super sharp-mouthed! I like him! He can join our gang! Like seriously.

So, first we went to dinner at about 6pm since most of us woke up very late because of last night's event. We talked and heard all stories that Apek[syafiq's nick] told us about his knowledge about Johor since he started studying there. Most of us are quiet listening to his stories until he started about his and Yonna's family stories. That part was funny, they were both trying to bite each other's tongue arguing about each other. It's funny.

After dinner, we went back to Yonna's place and lepak there for a moment. He told us to watch this Indonesian movie "Radit & Jani". It's a very touching story. Then we went to Sarah Maju for a little supper. We lepak there until most of us were sleepy and finally went back. Once back to Yonna's place again, most of them already fallen asleep. Only Ieza and I stood up for half an hour and she finally gave up and sleep. Once they're all asleep, I went back home and I too had fallen asleep so fast.

Saturday, 6th March. Today was Izzy's bitrhday celebaration party. So, since we are heading out to buy present for her, Apek followed us to KLCC too. Faiz also wanted to do some shopping since we had told him how to properly dress to look fashionable whenever we're going out next time. So first we head out to KLCC at about 2pm but we arrived there at about 4.30pm since there was traffic jams all over in KL.

Once there, we part ways with Apek. Said goodbye and we started to do some shopping. We went to buy this shoe at this what-it's-name-I-can't-remember shop which is fucking beautiful and it suits her outfit that day! Next we went to PDI and there Faiz started to some shirt shopping and so did I. I bough this pinkish peach shirt which is just nice! Next we went to ROMP and Yonna bought her outfit which completes her outfit today, everything was perfect. A golden wedges, a ladies' singlet, a white-ish jeans and a black leather jacket. She looks awesome and her bag that day complements her outfit! I wish I could be a girl and wear things like that..... she looks so pretty and gorgeous! Then we grabbed some pretzels at Auntie Anne's and ate it while Yonna was looking for more clothes in Zara. Next, we went to look out for where to buy Izzy's present. She suggested Memory Lane but I wanted to go to Lovely Lace. She agreed and we head up to second floor where we suddenly stop to eat at the food court.

My first Subway. I've never eaten there once and this is my first time. The price was a-okay and it's delicious! At first, I was like so blurry and lost one which bread to choose, which topping, which veggies and which sauce. I followed my instinct and ordered an Italian Steack & Cheese with onions and green pepper as veggie and Mayo, Chilli and Mustard as sauces. The taste was heavenly.... uumpph!!!

Next we went to Lovely Lace and bought our present for Izzy. After some little difficulties, we finally went outside and do some cam-shooting session.

Once we're done with everything, we went straight ahead to Izzy's house to Saujana Utama. Too bad my phone ran out of battery that time so we didn't get a chance to take any photo. SHIT! Anyway the main thing there is that the food was awesome and delicious!!! and I tell you guys, her CREAM CHEESE CAKE which she made by herself is just supremely heaven....!!!! LIKE A DREAM COME TRUE!!!!! It was heavenly... it's soft, creamy, cheesy and combined with the biscuit crumbs on the base of the cake.... it's soooooo yummy. The taste just explode and melt inside your mouth. It's like floating on a creamy cheese cloud and you can just sleep on it..........

Anyway... we stayed for like just an hour or so and then decided to hit the road back but on the way back, we thought of since it's almost midnight, let's pick up Mien and head off to Sarah. Everyone agreed. Too bad for Faiz and Yonna cause they were so tired and slept all the way from Izzy's house till I we're finally arrived at Sarah Maju. They didn't even realize I had picked up Mien on the way.

So, there everybody only ordered drinks because they're like super-stuffed but I still ordered one French Toast Cheese for me since I must have it every single time we came to Sarah Maju. Yonna decided to play a game of Truth or Dare to get their brain working so that they won't get sleepy. But this time, we only played the truth part. Everyone had to answer the truth. First it was fun but when it get started on the 'what if' questions, everyone was getting tired. and Mien did this stupid chaining 'what if questions' thingy which gets us bored so fast with it's dumb questions and response. We finally called it a night when we decided to do the last game as a Dare. Whoever can't do it must pay for everyone's expenses there. Yonna was the lucky victim. The dare was to give food to a dog. At first she hesitated but then she gave in. It was so funny, she tried to give food to this disable dog who lost one leg.

Well.. that's it for this weekend I guess... I highly doubt it if tomorrow, as if in Sunday, we'll all go out again... I mean.. it was super tiring with everything going on and us going out every single day...So, thanks for baring it for me and reading till the end. Thanks a lot.

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