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A whole day of cancellation

Last Wednesday, since all of our classes was cancelled, most of us took that time to rest and finished up on whatever business they had. So, earlier in the morning, Faiz and Zul went to Tesco to buy the TV we had been planning to buy and registered on Astro too! The TV was okay, not too big or too small, and the Astro people told us that by Friday or Saturday, we could start watching all the channels we paid for. YAY for me, wanna know why? Cause I had both the TV and Astro all by myself because I wasn't going back this weekend.... oh wait, Ayie isn't going back also... aaahh... guess I'd have to share... I can't wait to watch my favorite channel, AFC = Asian Food Channel~!!!!!!

Well, that side-tracked me for a bit. So, on that day, I decided to accompany Yonna to go get her car serviced at the Perodua near Tanjung Karang. The original party was supposed to be me, Yonna and Ieza but then Ieza dropped out cause she had friends coming over and Faizal replaced her. We went out at about 2.30pm and after a little short telenovela drama happening, we set out again at 3.30pm. Yonna doubted we could make it to both the Bank Islam and the Perodua place but we had faith and still tried our luck. Thanks to my insanely driving skills, we got to the Bank Islam at about 4pm and Yonna managed to get her card renewed. Next we went to the Perodua servicing place and had done everything important by almost 5pm. Then we headed to the new Pizza Hut place where everyone was talking about.

So we had lots of food and Yonna was surprised to see that Faizal ate a lot. For me, that's normal for what we usually ate Pizza Hut. He had a Spaghetti Bolognaise, 3 slices of Pizza, 4 pieces of Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wings and a Chocolate Mint Frappucino for drinks. I tell you, his Chocolate Mint drink was fabulous, way over the valley of sweetness and heaven. It's awesome, you just have got to try that one out whenever you got the chance. We were like so full after our little trip there.

Next, went to Tesco because Yonna wanted to buy some things. Played around the women's lingerie section for a bit. I took some bra pictures [as shown in Facebook], tons of it. Just for fun! After a while and it's like 8pm something we finally decided to head back. I had fun that day. Cause it's quite rare for Faizal to join us in these types of outing. He usually the ones that stayed back at home and refuses to follow along but lately he's starting loosen up a little bit and I'm happy that he could join us for outings now and then.

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