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Mateus the Corrupt

21 February 2010 - Our beloved friend, Faiz has reached 24 this year. It was actually a last minute plan since everyone was back on holiday from CNY. At first, Zul, Faizal and Ayie was already back in Taman Ilmu and the ones left is me, Afiq, Zack, Acap, and Yat. The start of it was, I was having a little crisis on how to go back that day cause I don't know who to hitch a ride back to Unisel. I called Yona and she said she had to go back on Monday cause she had to settle her broadband problem. I called Dania and she also wanted to go back on Monday. At first I was fine with either one and then suddenly I realized that by 12 midnight, that day, it's Faiz's birthday. So, I finally decided to go back Unisel by bus. Since I had not been in that bus for a year, my ass was hurting like hell when I had to sit in it for like 3 hours total... haiyaaa...

So, then on the way back, I called Mien to tell him to reserve a cake at the Purple Cafe for Faiz's birthday and he did. As soon as I reached Pekan BB, I called Azza to pick me up and she was already there and was doing some shopping at the Kim Wah Mall. I bought a blue sweater there. It was cheap and nice! So, back to our story, we took the cake at Purple Cafe and went back home. The plan started at about 11pm something. To cut things short, our surprise didn't work at first since Faiz kinda knew we were going to throw flour at him as a starter and he ran off to his friend's house at the back row houses. We chased him there and finally managed to hit him! He ran but all of us caught him. Finally a flour war exploded when Ieza started throwing flour at others instead of the birthday boy. Most of us was aiming at her for starting it but poor Azza was always the victim.Then came the cake. At first it was all happy and joy until Ieza started a cake war by first smothering cream on Azza and my face.... uuuughhhh.....

Then there it gets ugly, where Zack and Acap got involved and Azza was being pummeled by both of them with both flour and cake. To make things even funnier, they even pour water on her too. It was soooo funny! Well, at least it is not as messy as Yonna's surprise birthday war party where there is flour, eggs and even can of pepsi became special weapon.

Anyway....... HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAIZ!!!!

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