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Jalan-jalan before CNY

Last Saturday, a day before CNY, me nad my bitches went out Jalan-jalan but don't know where to go. Wanted to catch a flick but Atiem wanted to do a movie-marathon on the coming Thursday so that had to be put on hold. So, we decided to just tag along with Atiem going to Hospital Selayang to visit her injured friend but to our surprise, her friend was never in the wards there but he was at his auntie's place in Sungai Buloh. So we went to Sg Buloh instead. Aaarrgghh, the trip was fuckin' hot ....

Next when we're done with all the visiting and all the "Dance Mat" clients of Atiem, we went to One Utama. Just for the purpose of spending time going anywhere. Too bad for us cause lots of the shops in there were closing because of CNY... haaarrgh... darn it. How come when it is CNY, all the shops want to close but when it's our Raya Celebration, nothing like this happens... stupid...

My first Carls Jr!!!! Cool, the prices is not that expensive, your Burger King standards but too bad I couldn't eat the burger at that time because most of us were friggin full just from eating all the chips. Atiem ordered this Chilli Cheese Fries, it's delicious but made us full in just in an instant. Thus, we can't eat all our burgers that time, we packed it up and take it away.

After that, Atiem had to leave early since she has this curfew unlike me and Mira. So, me and Mira then leave that One Utama with her supposed-to-be-but-not-yet BF, Shaq and went straight ahead to Tanjung where we had shisha. I can finally take a puff of smoke after a week of pain without smoking. Yesssss!!!!

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