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Dinner at Naili's

Went dinner to this place called Naili's near Ampang Point during CNY. OMFG, so fucking expensive!!!! Finished about RM90++.
Mira and me had Black Pepper Chicken Chop which price is RM19.90, my lil bro had Spaghetti Bolognaise which is RM15.90 and my lil sis had Mushroom Chicken Chop which is also RM19.90. And we ordered some fancy drinks which brings up the total to RM90++. Gooooosh... wasted a lot of money there but I'd give credit for it's services. A 5 star is in order. We sat at this hut-like seat which is actually only for reserved customer but since we are like the only ones who spent like a lot in that restaurant, we were treated like total VVIP... that's like so freaking awesome.

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