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Too much happened for the past 4 weeks and I couldn't list all of it, so...
First of all, my lil sis got her hair straightened too, for her birthday present... finally, no more curliness!!

Back in Taman Ilmu's house, I have found my favorite spot for leisure and spacing-off. The ROOF!!!

Class is as busy and tiring as usual with all of it being hard and mind-blasting subjects. It's hard but it's fun. Lots of the new lecturers we met are nice and cool. For example, we have this Madam Jega who doesn't sound all that funny like how the rumors made by Afiq and his friends. And then there's Mr. Eustace who is like very unexplainably funny and weird at the same time. I like him though, he likes to pick on me! Then there's Mr. Mus who is like sexually open-minded. Though at first it kinda freaked me out but soon I found out he's a very cool lecturer and he's one person I'd like to make my idol, because of his great sense of confidence and self-love. Oh, and then there's Mr. Raj. Seriously, I don't like him at first but somehow he's okay in a sense that he can relate to us. Not forgetting out beloved Madam Hamidah though, hahahaha!!!!!

So, all and all, break times are the times that we cherish. Normally, Yona and Azza would drive quickly to the kampung to buy banana fritters and snacks and drinks so that we could do a short brief picnic by the stairs during our break times. It's cool and fun!

I got a class portrait, finally!!! But it's not perfect cause not everyone was in it, still... It's nice to have one so that I can keep remembering them!

I love you guys!!!!

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