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Happy Birthday Afiq!

It didn't take much planning on this one. Faiz asked Yonna to buy us a cake before she comes back to Taman Ilmu and that is all we need. For Afiq's birthday, we didn't have the opportunity to plan a full-scale surprise party where "adat tepung-menepung" is mandatory...but oh well!

The plan was super simple : I get ready in his room with the cake, Zack called him upstairs to "talk about urgent matter" and once he gets inside, we sang the song and there he was, all touched! He's super glad cause there's no "adat tepung-menepung" this time... but we'll get him next time... Just you wait!!!!

They came...

Since I'm such a klutz and forgetful sometimes, I accidentally brought my mom's ATM card with me. Well, during holiday or when I'm at home in KL, I'm the one who holds her cards since I'm the one who'll be dealing with going to the bank to withdraw money. So, I kinda forgotten to return it to my mom before heading back.

Well, to retrieve it back, Abd Din and Farrah came all the way to Taman Ilmu to take it from me. I know that I've caused him to tire himself by coming here all the way but he said it'd be a good opportunity to look at my rent house and since he's a contractor himself, he wanted to look at the house design too.

Missed my lil sis, so we did some cam-whoring session while he was busy.

Mateus the Corrupt

21 February 2010 - Our beloved friend, Faiz has reached 24 this year. It was actually a last minute plan since everyone was back on holiday from CNY. At first, Zul, Faizal and Ayie was already back in Taman Ilmu and the ones left is me, Afiq, Zack, Acap, and Yat. The start of it was, I was having a little crisis on how to go back that day cause I don't know who to hitch a ride back to Unisel. I called Yona and she said she had to go back on Monday cause she had to settle her broadband problem. I called Dania and she also wanted to go back on Monday. At first I was fine with either one and then suddenly I realized that by 12 midnight, that day, it's Faiz's birthday. So, I finally decided to go back Unisel by bus. Since I had not been in that bus for a year, my ass was hurting like hell when I had to sit in it for like 3 hours total... haiyaaa...

So, then on the way back, I called Mien to tell him to reserve a cake at the Purple Cafe for Faiz's birthday and he did. As soon as I reached Pekan BB, I called Azza to pick me up and she was already there and was doing some shopping at the Kim Wah Mall. I bought a blue sweater there. It was cheap and nice! So, back to our story, we took the cake at Purple Cafe and went back home. The plan started at about 11pm something. To cut things short, our surprise didn't work at first since Faiz kinda knew we were going to throw flour at him as a starter and he ran off to his friend's house at the back row houses. We chased him there and finally managed to hit him! He ran but all of us caught him. Finally a flour war exploded when Ieza started throwing flour at others instead of the birthday boy. Most of us was aiming at her for starting it but poor Azza was always the victim.Then came the cake. At first it was all happy and joy until Ieza started a cake war by first smothering cream on Azza and my face.... uuuughhhh.....

Then there it gets ugly, where Zack and Acap got involved and Azza was being pummeled by both of them with both flour and cake. To make things even funnier, they even pour water on her too. It was soooo funny! Well, at least it is not as messy as Yonna's surprise birthday war party where there is flour, eggs and even can of pepsi became special weapon.

Anyway....... HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAIZ!!!!

A whole day of cancellation

Last Wednesday, since all of our classes was cancelled, most of us took that time to rest and finished up on whatever business they had. So, earlier in the morning, Faiz and Zul went to Tesco to buy the TV we had been planning to buy and registered on Astro too! The TV was okay, not too big or too small, and the Astro people told us that by Friday or Saturday, we could start watching all the channels we paid for. YAY for me, wanna know why? Cause I had both the TV and Astro all by myself because I wasn't going back this weekend.... oh wait, Ayie isn't going back also... aaahh... guess I'd have to share... I can't wait to watch my favorite channel, AFC = Asian Food Channel~!!!!!!

Well, that side-tracked me for a bit. So, on that day, I decided to accompany Yonna to go get her car serviced at the Perodua near Tanjung Karang. The original party was supposed to be me, Yonna and Ieza but then Ieza dropped out cause she had friends coming over and Faizal replaced her. We went out at about 2.30pm and after a little short telenovela drama happening, we set out again at 3.30pm. Yonna doubted we could make it to both the Bank Islam and the Perodua place but we had faith and still tried our luck. Thanks to my insanely driving skills, we got to the Bank Islam at about 4pm and Yonna managed to get her card renewed. Next we went to the Perodua servicing place and had done everything important by almost 5pm. Then we headed to the new Pizza Hut place where everyone was talking about.

So we had lots of food and Yonna was surprised to see that Faizal ate a lot. For me, that's normal for what we usually ate Pizza Hut. He had a Spaghetti Bolognaise, 3 slices of Pizza, 4 pieces of Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wings and a Chocolate Mint Frappucino for drinks. I tell you, his Chocolate Mint drink was fabulous, way over the valley of sweetness and heaven. It's awesome, you just have got to try that one out whenever you got the chance. We were like so full after our little trip there.

Next, went to Tesco because Yonna wanted to buy some things. Played around the women's lingerie section for a bit. I took some bra pictures [as shown in Facebook], tons of it. Just for fun! After a while and it's like 8pm something we finally decided to head back. I had fun that day. Cause it's quite rare for Faizal to join us in these types of outing. He usually the ones that stayed back at home and refuses to follow along but lately he's starting loosen up a little bit and I'm happy that he could join us for outings now and then.

Midnight False Alarm Roadtrip

Last Tuesday night, we as if in the Pendulums : Me, Yona, Azza, Faiz, Faizal, Mien went out to KL. WE were accompanied by Afiq and Widad. Our main priority was to go and watch the football match between Chelsea and Intermilan. But since the match starts at 3.45am, it was still early when we set out. So we went to our favourite Karaoke place, Just-K in Selayang. AS usual, we made noises, jump here and there, sing songs and go crazy. But we were surprised when we heard Widad sang. She is soooooooooooo lovely. Her voice is just so sweet and awesome.I couldn't take any good pictures there because my new phone is a Sony Ericson walkman series and not a cybershot.... so, no pictures of it. My phone sucks when it comes to dark places where there are dim lighting or no lighting at all cause it didn't had any flash mode attached in it. SUCKS, major...I hope my PTPTN money will come in fast so that I can change into a cybershot phone back..... I miss cam-whoring sessions soooooooooo much!!!
But that night in the karaoke place, I had a major sensitive breakdown. I cried a LOT.
Here's the story. AS usual, Faizal will sit at a corner because he refuses to sing, as we all would know and think. But then, that particular night, I had no mood to sing also so I sat beside him. I asked him why refuses to sing and just watch. Isn't it boring to just sit and watch for a total of two hours? So, I had a text conversation with him on the phone. This might not be the exact words but almost the same context :

Me : Jal, ko x nak nyanyi langsung ke? X boring ke tgk je?
Jal : X, ak x kisah pown.
Me : tapi xkan la ko xde rase nak nyanyi skit ke? kan ko minat byk lagu gak yg ktorg nyanyi.
Jal : xper la... tgk je.
Me : but y? x bosan ke?
Jal : x, ak snang tgk korg sume happy. itu je dh cukup.
Me : ha'ah, ak paham maksud ko. Ak pown happy tgk diorg happy cmnie.
Jal : it's nice to see them hav fun and happy without no probs.
Me : btol ckp ko. Ak rase snang tgk diorg boleh happy and gile2 cmnie. for once in a while it's good that they are not thinking about problems and really really hav fun and enjoy the nite.

So, something like that came up. Our conversation went on and on about how it's so calming to see them like that. Azza tried to sneak peak at our conversation but we avoided her. But she was clever enough to finally captured us. So she asked me. I told her about it. She understood my feeling and she's glad that I'm fine cause she thought me and Faizal was sad or feeling ignored. And then soft and nostalgic song came on and on, till I can barely stand it no more, I cried and weeped. When I've cried too much, I went out of the room. I calmed myself and went back in after a short period of time thinking outside. Then when I came back in, Yona asked me to dance with her because a dangdut song was on play. I played along for a moment and then sits down. Then on our last song, Widad sang this really old and nostalgic song. I can't remember the title, it was one of Celine Dion's old and greeatest song but the song goes likes this, "When I touch you like this, and when I hold you like that". When widad sang it and everyone followed together singing it, I felt so happy and then cried again. I can't stand it. Yona then offered me a hug and I burst out to tears and hug her. I was like totally having a major breakdown. I cried and cried until we finally went out. I was happy. I love them all so much and I hoped we could all always be together like this. So, soooooooooooooooooo happy. It was major and utter pure bliss.....

Then, we went to Andalus to go and watch the football match. To our disappointment, finally they realised that the match was the next day, and not on that particular night. Hahahahahahaaaaa.... but we still hangs out there cause there was shisha. We ordered two bottle of it, Strawberry Mint and Strawberry Gum. Here's a fun fact, Faizal took a puff of the shisha and kinda like it. He likes it.... really really likes it. Hahahahahahahaha..... it was a total surprise....!!!!!!! During at Andalus, Khairol Faiz or Yat, as we prefer to call him came join us. He's..........aaahh... I can't say anything bout him. I just don't know. Anyway, after like an hour, Mizie, Yona's friend came to join us for a couple minutes only and he had to go on a urgent matter. Aaaaah... he's freaking hot. Anyway, we lepak there until 5am and over and we finally decided to hit it off. On our way back, we stopped at the lake near Kota Puteri for a cam session but I couldn't take any photos cause it was dark and my dumb phone doesn't have a flash mode!!!!! aaaaaarrrgghh........ we lepak there for like just a couple minutes because Faiz felt something and so did Yona. So we finally went back home. At about 7am something we finally arrived home and get some sleep.

Dinner at Naili's

Went dinner to this place called Naili's near Ampang Point during CNY. OMFG, so fucking expensive!!!! Finished about RM90++.
Mira and me had Black Pepper Chicken Chop which price is RM19.90, my lil bro had Spaghetti Bolognaise which is RM15.90 and my lil sis had Mushroom Chicken Chop which is also RM19.90. And we ordered some fancy drinks which brings up the total to RM90++. Gooooosh... wasted a lot of money there but I'd give credit for it's services. A 5 star is in order. We sat at this hut-like seat which is actually only for reserved customer but since we are like the only ones who spent like a lot in that restaurant, we were treated like total VVIP... that's like so freaking awesome.

Valentine's Day boredom

Yesterday, during the beloved valentine's day. I was half-dead bored at home because I don't know what else to do. No money to go out and have fun, no car to go out and take a stroll, I had to stay home like a decomposed doll with boredom on it's face. Gosh I was terribly bored yesterday.The whole day, I sat in front of the TV watching stupid and dumb commercials of CNY and Valentine's day. Superbly bored.

Thank goodness, by the evening, my little monyetz asked me to go outside and play. I said okay but... play what? We ended up playing jump and I took pictures of it. Hadn't had that much silly old fun for a long time. Finally, I was entertained.

Jalan-jalan before CNY

Last Saturday, a day before CNY, me nad my bitches went out Jalan-jalan but don't know where to go. Wanted to catch a flick but Atiem wanted to do a movie-marathon on the coming Thursday so that had to be put on hold. So, we decided to just tag along with Atiem going to Hospital Selayang to visit her injured friend but to our surprise, her friend was never in the wards there but he was at his auntie's place in Sungai Buloh. So we went to Sg Buloh instead. Aaarrgghh, the trip was fuckin' hot ....

Next when we're done with all the visiting and all the "Dance Mat" clients of Atiem, we went to One Utama. Just for the purpose of spending time going anywhere. Too bad for us cause lots of the shops in there were closing because of CNY... haaarrgh... darn it. How come when it is CNY, all the shops want to close but when it's our Raya Celebration, nothing like this happens... stupid...

My first Carls Jr!!!! Cool, the prices is not that expensive, your Burger King standards but too bad I couldn't eat the burger at that time because most of us were friggin full just from eating all the chips. Atiem ordered this Chilli Cheese Fries, it's delicious but made us full in just in an instant. Thus, we can't eat all our burgers that time, we packed it up and take it away.

After that, Atiem had to leave early since she has this curfew unlike me and Mira. So, me and Mira then leave that One Utama with her supposed-to-be-but-not-yet BF, Shaq and went straight ahead to Tanjung where we had shisha. I can finally take a puff of smoke after a week of pain without smoking. Yesssss!!!!
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