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A week of addiction

After the stressful and fucked up event of my present life, I was utterly disappointed and too tired to go back to my home at KL, thus I stayed at Mien's house a few days. At first I wanted to stay just for a few days but then when Faiz introduced Dragon Age Origins to me, I was exuberantly happy to play it. Then I became obsessed and addicted to the game. I was determined to finish that game and as long as I have not finished that game, I won't go back to my home. So, it took me approximately almost 6 days to finish it after a few times of restarting a new game since I wasn't happy with how my character develops in that game. I was heavily addicted to that game until I almost forgot my duty to prepare lunch and dinner for Mien we he gets back from work. Thank goodness there was this other guy, Mien's friend called "BB" [dunnoe why but Mien told me to just call him that]. He sometimes takes turn to cook instead.

So, after I finished playing that game. I saw this Batman Arkham Asylum game, another one of Batman series game. But I tell you the developer of this game has really done it. This is so far the best and the first Batman games that has reached it full potential not like other Batman games. It is a dark game but it is awesome. The fighting, the gadgets and my most favourite part, the villains!!!! This is a totally awesome game and I'm totally loving it but I got stuck at this one part when I tried to solve the Riddler's puzzle [it is basically just optional to solve the puzzle but since I'm a perfectionists, I tried really hard to solve but I failed], so I gave up and finally decided that it is time for me to go back home.

Fun facts : Mien sleeping style is still as funny as it used to be... the goalkeep pose! Oh, the kitten in the house is super cute but super noisy... we had to put him under a basket and weigh it with a helmet everytime we cook or eat cause it always disturbs us so.

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