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a serious fucked up moment in my life

On Christmas eve, a friend of Yona's, Izya offered us a job at this club as security. We [Me, Faiz & Mien] bluntly accepted the offer cause the pay was SUPPOSED to be RM300[that is a lot...right?] and we are kinda in dire need of some money. I need to pay back to Safi for helping me to repair my car back in Malacca... So, on 23th I set out to go to BB [Batang Berjuntai] to go and stay at Mien's house there. So the next morning on the 24th, we set out to KL to meet up with Izya so that we can go together. We meet up with Izya at Starbucks in Times Square. Izya asked us if any of us wanted to buy something there cause she can get us a 30% discount cause she has this staff's price card. So, I wouldn't want to waste my chance of my first time in Starbucks and I bought a Espresso Tiramisu and a Latte [ can't remember it's full name ]. The tiramisu was superb but the latte sucks big time. It's not my taste, clearly.. cause the coffee taste in it was too much for me!

Then off four of us go to the club. But on the way there, we got lost in the twisted roads in KL and went astray.... adter an one hour and half of misdirections and caught in traffic jams, we finally made it. We parked my car in KLCC underground parking lot and walked to the club which is not that far from KLCC.

Gosh.. I tell you. It's super tiring. We had to move things from here to there which are heavy! Then when it comes to the event started, instead of us being securities, we are assigned to be waiters. At first I thought that maybe it couldn't be that hard but finally I learnt that being a bar waiter is much more harder than being a banquet waiter. The prices of drinks to remember and the loud music which is making it so hard for me to hear what the customers really want. AArrghhh... so stressful and we had to stand I mean like literally stand at wait at our posts for like 4 hours straight.... or is it 5 hours... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargggggggggghhhhhh!!!! I'm damn fucking tired.
So when that is all over, we had to do this work of transferring the extra can drinks from the club to the lorry down below. Boy, I tell you it's fucking tiring and my hip is already melecet that time. It's so painful ... so I skipped and hide from doing those works first.
But the most stupidest things that happened that night was the pay... we only got a puny green note that says "RM50"... can you believe it? after all that work... all that standing for 5 hours, all that decorating and rearranging things, all that incredibly fucking tiring work, we only get RM50?!!!! a sickening RM50?!!!!!!

I'm like so fucking furious at the moment and I just left. But the bad news wasn't over. When we get back to the parking lot, the bad news just keep on pouring on and on. First the autopay machine won't accept my parking ticket, so we had to go to the parking lot office. But before that, we got lost trying to find where my car is since that parking lot is unbelievably fucking large. After a moment of tiring search, we found my car. After that, to get to the parking lot office, we got lost again since it is so vast and wide, we have to go round and round inside the parking lot for like half an hour until we finally found it. Then when we got there, the guy from the office said that my parking ticket had overlimit it's time and I have to pay for compensation. And can you guess how much is it? A fucking RM50!!!! So, all the trouble I went to pick up those two guys from BB, waste my car's gas, got lost in KL roads, stuck in traffic jams, work my ass off in that club, got lost in the parking lot, and got RM50 from that work just to waste it back on parking tickets.... I mean all those troubles I went to get RM50 from the work just to pay back my parking ticket. Seriously, that is the most fucked up thing I have ever come across into in my life. I'm utterfly fucked up about it!!!! Seriously... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

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