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M.O.S. & Neyo after party

Last Thursday night during the Neyo concert, me and my bitches went to Euphoria, M.O.S. in Bandar Sunway to go and have some fun. At first, I had no intention of going but since I realised I really needed to release some of the steams I've collected in my house, I agreed to it.
M.O.S. was freaking crowded like a sardine tin can. Don't know why cause it's not even Friday night but then I finally knew because Neyo after party was held there. At about 12.30pm and over, Neyo came over after he had finished with his concert. It's like lucky for me since I couldn't go to his concert but get to see him there, instead. He's dark. Hahahaha!!!

But seriously, that night M.O.S. was really crowded. It's soooooo hard to dance with that many people in the club. The music that night was much better from our ususal visit cause usually they played lots of boring and un-fun music but that night, the music were up to beat, cause Hunny Madu was also there to spice things up.

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