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A mission and a trip

On two or three weeks ago, I have to settle my problems with my PTPTN application processes so.... to short things up, I kinda left my documents back at Taman Ilmu. So I had to go drive all the way there but the story doesn't stop there. It was actually a very looooooooooooong night which involves with some adventures.

I had a feeling that the documents is either left in Yona's house or it's at our house. So first, I went to Meru to pick up our house key from Faizal. Wow, I'm like totally honored cause he said that I was the first of his friend that ever made it to his house. He's damn rich... like I expected but his room isn't. I won't tell you how it is cause I know he'll get angry but his house was large and marvy... enough said.

Next I called Yona to meet up with her to get her house key and she asked me to lepak first... so we went to Old Town together. We sat and lepak there from like 12 something until 2 something cause we were actually waiting for Yona's friend, Mizi to come but at last he couldn't make it but then another of Yona's friend, [ah shit.. I've forgotten his name] came to us instead. I told her that I could go back to Taman Ilmu myself but Yona insisted that she followed. After a little persuasion from Yona, I finally succumbed to her will. Thus we went to Taman Ilmu, all three of us.

I was actually relieved that Yona insisted that she followed cause without her, I'd be hopeless. So, as we arrived at Taman Ilmu, we went to her house first. And those documents weren't there.... So it had to be at our house. Then I went alone to that house to get the documents. I kinda regretted that I went alone. Cause I was like totally confident that the electricity had been supplied to our house but it actually hasn't so.. I had to creeped inside the house in pitch darkness. First I tried to pick the lock of Faizal's room but I can't cause I don't actually know how to so I had to pick the lock of the bathroom door which is connected to Faizal's room. Faizal told me that I can just use coins like the hostel's bathroom door but I can't also cause the door was tombol was rusted and it won't budge. I was cause when I was trying to pick the lock from the bathroom door... fucking scaredI heard something scratched from the other side of that door. I tried to keep quite for a moment but then the scratching continues... So I quickly ran out back to Yona's house and asked her if she knew how to pick a lock. To my great relief.. she knew how to. She followed me to the house and even inside but her friend was fucking pussy cause he stayed outside and leave us both inside the dark house. What an L! Thank goodness that with her intelligence and my strength we managed to pick[actually break] the lock of Faizal's room. And there it was... my documents. I was sooooooo relieved to get it and I am like super thankful to Yona.

Once that is all over, we went to a cyber cafe in Damansara cause Yona's friend asked us to join him. We joined him until it was 6pm and finally we it is time to go back home. I was fucking tired of all the things happened that night that once I went inside my room I quickly fell asleep once I put my head on the pillow.

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