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Cirque Du Freak

Last Saturday, me and my monyetz went to Jusco Cheras Selatan to catch the flick Cirque Du Freak : Vampire's Assistant since they're not showing it at MBO, Galaxy Ampang. I drove there at about 9pm and arrived there at about 9.20pm since there aren't so many car at the highway so I could go speeding. Dangerously.. my monyetz were saying things like :

"Ami, rileks la.. buat ape bawak laju2? X lari nye jusco tu..."
"Ami, farah takot la.... laju sgt!"
"Ami, bwk elok2 la... jgn la asyik nk isap rokok smbil drive.... seram la zufar tgk..."

Aaaah... I don't give a damn cause I've kinda find driving really fast is a ....urm... a... an addiction? hahahaha! You could say that the adrenaline rush was there when I drive fast.

So, we got there and bought tickets and the screening time is at 11.20pm, so we went ahead to have dinner first. I didn't want to eat at the usual Teppanyaki shop so I went to the Japanese Ramen shop next to it. YES! Japanese food...!!!!! I had the Unagi Bento Set which price is RM22. Expensive right? The total of all our food that time was RM80++! It's fucking expensive but it was worth it! The food was totally delicious! Too bad I can't get a nice picture of it because this temporary phone that chinese sucker gave me only have a 1.3mp picture quality... Shit that chinese fella... when are you going to gimme back my phone eaaa??!!!

So, after our dinner, we outside to take a puff and then went straight inside to wait until the movie to start.

Cirque Du Freak : The Vampire's Assistant is an awesome movie! I love it a lot! There's some funny parts also. I like the way Salma Hayek's moustache and beard grows and how she looks like a total bimbo when she gets a vision but she can't even remember saying it. Hahahahaha! But the movie was awesome and marvy! Two thumbs up!!!

After the movie, we went straight ahead back home.

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