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Pizza Hut Craving

Yesterday, I suddenly have this craving for the Pizza Hut Cheesy Dip I had a few days ago. I went to Tesco Ampang with my lil sis and thought that it is almost Mira's time finishing work, so I invited her too. To my disappointment, that pizza already finished it's promotion period. So I had to buy the normal pizza instead. OH Shit!! Darn it! Nevertheless, I had lots of fun time laughing while eating there with my lil sis and Mira. Even got stomache that time for laughing so much! Seriously, sakit pipi ak gelak byk2!

Here's one of the funny moments there.... Mira with her spaced-out expression while listening to my story, picture taken by Farrah.

Cirque Du Freak

Last Saturday, me and my monyetz went to Jusco Cheras Selatan to catch the flick Cirque Du Freak : Vampire's Assistant since they're not showing it at MBO, Galaxy Ampang. I drove there at about 9pm and arrived there at about 9.20pm since there aren't so many car at the highway so I could go speeding. Dangerously.. my monyetz were saying things like :

"Ami, rileks la.. buat ape bawak laju2? X lari nye jusco tu..."
"Ami, farah takot la.... laju sgt!"
"Ami, bwk elok2 la... jgn la asyik nk isap rokok smbil drive.... seram la zufar tgk..."

Aaaah... I don't give a damn cause I've kinda find driving really fast is a ....urm... a... an addiction? hahahaha! You could say that the adrenaline rush was there when I drive fast.

So, we got there and bought tickets and the screening time is at 11.20pm, so we went ahead to have dinner first. I didn't want to eat at the usual Teppanyaki shop so I went to the Japanese Ramen shop next to it. YES! Japanese food...!!!!! I had the Unagi Bento Set which price is RM22. Expensive right? The total of all our food that time was RM80++! It's fucking expensive but it was worth it! The food was totally delicious! Too bad I can't get a nice picture of it because this temporary phone that chinese sucker gave me only have a 1.3mp picture quality... Shit that chinese fella... when are you going to gimme back my phone eaaa??!!!

So, after our dinner, we outside to take a puff and then went straight inside to wait until the movie to start.

Cirque Du Freak : The Vampire's Assistant is an awesome movie! I love it a lot! There's some funny parts also. I like the way Salma Hayek's moustache and beard grows and how she looks like a total bimbo when she gets a vision but she can't even remember saying it. Hahahahaha! But the movie was awesome and marvy! Two thumbs up!!!

After the movie, we went straight ahead back home.

M.O.S. & Neyo after party

Last Thursday night during the Neyo concert, me and my bitches went to Euphoria, M.O.S. in Bandar Sunway to go and have some fun. At first, I had no intention of going but since I realised I really needed to release some of the steams I've collected in my house, I agreed to it.
M.O.S. was freaking crowded like a sardine tin can. Don't know why cause it's not even Friday night but then I finally knew because Neyo after party was held there. At about 12.30pm and over, Neyo came over after he had finished with his concert. It's like lucky for me since I couldn't go to his concert but get to see him there, instead. He's dark. Hahahaha!!!

But seriously, that night M.O.S. was really crowded. It's soooooo hard to dance with that many people in the club. The music that night was much better from our ususal visit cause usually they played lots of boring and un-fun music but that night, the music were up to beat, cause Hunny Madu was also there to spice things up.

from errands to leisure...

Friday, 1st Jan 2010. On the day of my return from BB to KL, my mom asked me to bring my lil sis to buy her school uniform cause school is about to start on the next Monday. So off me and my lil monkey went to Jaya Jusco Taman Maluri to buy her school stuffs. We had dinner first at the food court there and bought her items. When we're all done, I looked at the time, 8.45pm. And then I think.. it's still too early. I told my lil sis if she wanted to go and catch a movie, she said yes. I've been wanting to watch the Alvin and the Chipmunks the second episode since it came out and so does she. So I drove to Galaxy Ampang to watch the movie at MBO. When we get there, the tickets for the earliest show had finished so we bought the ones at 12.15pm. So, to pass the time, I bought another ticket of a movie called Duhai Si Pari-Pari which starts at 9.00pm.

Alvin and the Chipmunks : The Squeakquel was funny and loveable. More and more adorable and cute acts from those chipmunks since the Chippettes were in this movie too. So fucking cute! But Theodore is still my favourite cause he's green and he loves to eat and he's fuckingly adorable cute!!!!

Duhai Si Pari-Pari for me I think is utterly disappointing and a waste of money. I don't know why but I hate how Que Haidar acts in the movie. Made me wanna puke a lot! Serious, that is pure bad acting. Liyana Jasmay was adorably cute and innocent but seriously I think this movie is rubbish. The one produced this movie should be ashamed of themselves. It's pure rubbish... enough said.

P/S: but I somehow like Liyana Jasmay in this outfit. She's pretty!!!

A week of addiction

After the stressful and fucked up event of my present life, I was utterly disappointed and too tired to go back to my home at KL, thus I stayed at Mien's house a few days. At first I wanted to stay just for a few days but then when Faiz introduced Dragon Age Origins to me, I was exuberantly happy to play it. Then I became obsessed and addicted to the game. I was determined to finish that game and as long as I have not finished that game, I won't go back to my home. So, it took me approximately almost 6 days to finish it after a few times of restarting a new game since I wasn't happy with how my character develops in that game. I was heavily addicted to that game until I almost forgot my duty to prepare lunch and dinner for Mien we he gets back from work. Thank goodness there was this other guy, Mien's friend called "BB" [dunnoe why but Mien told me to just call him that]. He sometimes takes turn to cook instead.

So, after I finished playing that game. I saw this Batman Arkham Asylum game, another one of Batman series game. But I tell you the developer of this game has really done it. This is so far the best and the first Batman games that has reached it full potential not like other Batman games. It is a dark game but it is awesome. The fighting, the gadgets and my most favourite part, the villains!!!! This is a totally awesome game and I'm totally loving it but I got stuck at this one part when I tried to solve the Riddler's puzzle [it is basically just optional to solve the puzzle but since I'm a perfectionists, I tried really hard to solve but I failed], so I gave up and finally decided that it is time for me to go back home.

Fun facts : Mien sleeping style is still as funny as it used to be... the goalkeep pose! Oh, the kitten in the house is super cute but super noisy... we had to put him under a basket and weigh it with a helmet everytime we cook or eat cause it always disturbs us so.

a serious fucked up moment in my life

On Christmas eve, a friend of Yona's, Izya offered us a job at this club as security. We [Me, Faiz & Mien] bluntly accepted the offer cause the pay was SUPPOSED to be RM300[that is a lot...right?] and we are kinda in dire need of some money. I need to pay back to Safi for helping me to repair my car back in Malacca... So, on 23th I set out to go to BB [Batang Berjuntai] to go and stay at Mien's house there. So the next morning on the 24th, we set out to KL to meet up with Izya so that we can go together. We meet up with Izya at Starbucks in Times Square. Izya asked us if any of us wanted to buy something there cause she can get us a 30% discount cause she has this staff's price card. So, I wouldn't want to waste my chance of my first time in Starbucks and I bought a Espresso Tiramisu and a Latte [ can't remember it's full name ]. The tiramisu was superb but the latte sucks big time. It's not my taste, clearly.. cause the coffee taste in it was too much for me!

Then off four of us go to the club. But on the way there, we got lost in the twisted roads in KL and went astray.... adter an one hour and half of misdirections and caught in traffic jams, we finally made it. We parked my car in KLCC underground parking lot and walked to the club which is not that far from KLCC.

Gosh.. I tell you. It's super tiring. We had to move things from here to there which are heavy! Then when it comes to the event started, instead of us being securities, we are assigned to be waiters. At first I thought that maybe it couldn't be that hard but finally I learnt that being a bar waiter is much more harder than being a banquet waiter. The prices of drinks to remember and the loud music which is making it so hard for me to hear what the customers really want. AArrghhh... so stressful and we had to stand I mean like literally stand at wait at our posts for like 4 hours straight.... or is it 5 hours... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargggggggggghhhhhh!!!! I'm damn fucking tired.
So when that is all over, we had to do this work of transferring the extra can drinks from the club to the lorry down below. Boy, I tell you it's fucking tiring and my hip is already melecet that time. It's so painful ... so I skipped and hide from doing those works first.
But the most stupidest things that happened that night was the pay... we only got a puny green note that says "RM50"... can you believe it? after all that work... all that standing for 5 hours, all that decorating and rearranging things, all that incredibly fucking tiring work, we only get RM50?!!!! a sickening RM50?!!!!!!

I'm like so fucking furious at the moment and I just left. But the bad news wasn't over. When we get back to the parking lot, the bad news just keep on pouring on and on. First the autopay machine won't accept my parking ticket, so we had to go to the parking lot office. But before that, we got lost trying to find where my car is since that parking lot is unbelievably fucking large. After a moment of tiring search, we found my car. After that, to get to the parking lot office, we got lost again since it is so vast and wide, we have to go round and round inside the parking lot for like half an hour until we finally found it. Then when we got there, the guy from the office said that my parking ticket had overlimit it's time and I have to pay for compensation. And can you guess how much is it? A fucking RM50!!!! So, all the trouble I went to pick up those two guys from BB, waste my car's gas, got lost in KL roads, stuck in traffic jams, work my ass off in that club, got lost in the parking lot, and got RM50 from that work just to waste it back on parking tickets.... I mean all those troubles I went to get RM50 from the work just to pay back my parking ticket. Seriously, that is the most fucked up thing I have ever come across into in my life. I'm utterfly fucked up about it!!!! Seriously... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

A mission and a trip

On two or three weeks ago, I have to settle my problems with my PTPTN application processes so.... to short things up, I kinda left my documents back at Taman Ilmu. So I had to go drive all the way there but the story doesn't stop there. It was actually a very looooooooooooong night which involves with some adventures.

I had a feeling that the documents is either left in Yona's house or it's at our house. So first, I went to Meru to pick up our house key from Faizal. Wow, I'm like totally honored cause he said that I was the first of his friend that ever made it to his house. He's damn rich... like I expected but his room isn't. I won't tell you how it is cause I know he'll get angry but his house was large and marvy... enough said.

Next I called Yona to meet up with her to get her house key and she asked me to lepak first... so we went to Old Town together. We sat and lepak there from like 12 something until 2 something cause we were actually waiting for Yona's friend, Mizi to come but at last he couldn't make it but then another of Yona's friend, [ah shit.. I've forgotten his name] came to us instead. I told her that I could go back to Taman Ilmu myself but Yona insisted that she followed. After a little persuasion from Yona, I finally succumbed to her will. Thus we went to Taman Ilmu, all three of us.

I was actually relieved that Yona insisted that she followed cause without her, I'd be hopeless. So, as we arrived at Taman Ilmu, we went to her house first. And those documents weren't there.... So it had to be at our house. Then I went alone to that house to get the documents. I kinda regretted that I went alone. Cause I was like totally confident that the electricity had been supplied to our house but it actually hasn't so.. I had to creeped inside the house in pitch darkness. First I tried to pick the lock of Faizal's room but I can't cause I don't actually know how to so I had to pick the lock of the bathroom door which is connected to Faizal's room. Faizal told me that I can just use coins like the hostel's bathroom door but I can't also cause the door was tombol was rusted and it won't budge. I was cause when I was trying to pick the lock from the bathroom door... fucking scaredI heard something scratched from the other side of that door. I tried to keep quite for a moment but then the scratching continues... So I quickly ran out back to Yona's house and asked her if she knew how to pick a lock. To my great relief.. she knew how to. She followed me to the house and even inside but her friend was fucking pussy cause he stayed outside and leave us both inside the dark house. What an L! Thank goodness that with her intelligence and my strength we managed to pick[actually break] the lock of Faizal's room. And there it was... my documents. I was sooooooo relieved to get it and I am like super thankful to Yona.

Once that is all over, we went to a cyber cafe in Damansara cause Yona's friend asked us to join him. We joined him until it was 6pm and finally we it is time to go back home. I was fucking tired of all the things happened that night that once I went inside my room I quickly fell asleep once I put my head on the pillow.
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