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Theather Hikayat Trilogi Unisel

For my curriculum activity which is required for my GPA to get higher, I've taken Theater as my priority choice. Actually I was looking for the Japanese Cultural Club but I couldn't find it but I found Theater Club instead and I'm freaking glad I chose it. For the past eleven weeks in my third sem, I've always been waiting for wednesday to come so that I could go to my Theater Club practice. It's sooooooo fun there and stress releasing too.... I've never had any single problem there except for this one indian guy called "Gabriella"!!!!! and this freaking annoying bitch called "Nora"!!!! Both these two are soooo annoying to me and a fucking eyesore!

Gaby here acts like he knows everything and he's such an asshole and a bullshit for lying!
Miss Nora here acts goody-goody like she's pretty and innocent... hah! Innocent my ASS! She's a selfish retarded self-centred hypocrite bitch who doesn't even notice people hates her!!!! EEEeeewwww..... narcissistic much??!!!!

Enough bout them... What I really want to say is that during these eleven weeks, I've made new friends there and they're like mostly freaking nice and adorable... not to mention super cool and fun! These four are the top 4 which I hangs out the most and enjoy time with them.

Lia : incredibly cute, funny, camwhore, pretty and spunky!
Norel : adorable, totally funny, smart, bright and crazy!
Syaza : sweet, innocent, independant, funny and dreamy!
Ros : super sweet, cute, adorable, innocent, funny to tease on and super nice!

these four girls are totally my BFF here in Theater Club.. never once I got bored with these girls hanging with me together. We will always tease and pick on each other until we got tired of laughing...
the others are fine and super fun too : Mirza, Intan, Cibot, Man, Nidji, Shidi, Apek, Viva, Along, Fiza, Tia, Nurul, Kim, Yeevon, Mira, and some others which I can't remember their names....

For our presentation and our marks for the 50% bidang, we had to do a theater performance and perform it with audiences in Unisel. We performed the theater called Hikayat Trilogi Unisel (credit to Fiffy for the title) and we performed it at the BT FSP. Too bad we can't use the Main Hall cause they wanted to use it for exams preparation.... Anyway, our theater was a BLAST!!! It was amazing. well, ours is not a theater performance actually, more like a normal play. Our dialogs are mostly spontanuous and stupid... but it was funny though... super funny! I could hear people laughing out loud looking at our performance....

This has been a very enjoyable and memorable experience for me and I'm sure no gonna forget about it at all!!!!

"Life is all about those little things
see them in your smile
see them in your friends' smiles and laughter
and let all the stress floats away..
and you can say bye-bye, stress!"

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