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So Bored back at Home

Never actually thought it would be fucking boring back here in KL. My broadband connection is fucking slow, always GPRS all the time. Couldn't even play FB with ease at all!!!Darn it all! So, to not get myself irritated and annoyed, I opened the movie folder on my lappy and I had some new movies that I hadn't watched yet. and I saw Papadom in one of it. I've always wanted to watch that movie cause I thought it was such a comedy flick, and I'm a sucker for comedy flick so there I go!!!

To my surprise, Papadom isn't all about comedy, it's all bout how a father is sooooo loving towards his daughter. Yes at certain parts there are funny parts but for me, this is a very sad and emotional flick. I cried a lot when I was watching the movie. Kept on remembering my dad who had passed away. I kind of regretted that I did not love him and respected him when he was still alive. I was such a "derhaka" son to him. I miss my daddy so bad watching this story. I can't stop crying even when the movie had finished.

Next, I couldn't stop being all so emo and all so I decided to watch something else to take those sad thoughts away from my head. So, I found Histeria and thought it maybe a killing and horror movie. Although the time was almost twelve at midnight that time, I brace myself to go and watch it.

To my surprise it was a gruesome horror flick. The way those girls got killed by the djin is soooo horrifying and totally barf-able. Soooooo uuuughhh.... but it was a very good movie! I just love the combo between Scha and Liyana! They're like soooo cute and sizzlin'! After that movie, I kept on looking at the window besides my lappy to see if "anything" was you know what...outside my window... eewww... creepy much! And suddenly I got a goosebump, the hair on the back of my neck was standing and the house fell into deep silence. I quickly finishes what I wanted to do at FB and quickly shut down my lappy and went jumping straight into bed. Haaaa... Soooo SCARED!

"Never ever berlagak
about you're not afraid of a ghost
cause you might not knew
what the fuck is gonna happen!"

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