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Sending our ICT assignment~

it was wednesday.... or was it? Ha... can't remember... But that day, we were supposed to hand in our ICT assignment to our Computer and Technology in Education Lecturer, Mr Rohaizad. Here's a brief comment bout him...

"He is a very nice lecturer and a VERY lenient one. It was fine though... haha.. He address us all as 'cikgu-cikgu'. It was actually very funny cause in return we would also call him 'Cikgu'. He teaches quite well and in well-mannered. The only problem is his way of teaching... it's quite I'm pretty sure... it is SUPERBLY boring. He seriously needs to pay more attention to what the students were doing in his class while he was in front telling craps about electronic thingies which most of us didn't quite understand. He needs to learn how to skimplifying his teaching and stop making his students bored...but overall rating... He's an AWESOME lecturer....!!!!"

So, back to our main event of that day.. he said to meet with him at class at 2pm something something... haha...broken english... SO, anyway....we went there at 2pm and waited.... and waited..... waited..... waited...... waited.... until it was 3pm and Pejal phoned him and he said he was on the way.... so we waited and waited and waited and waited until 4pm and he said he was at Sg Buloh..... we were like some goons playing around in the class and joking while waiting for him... and finally he arrived at about almost 5pm. He asked us to come down to his car and hand him our assignments there. I saw his Mercedes and had my 'camwhoresenses' tingling asking me to take pics... so... Picture TIME!!!!

So, that's basically what happened on that day...!!
Here's one of our stupid things that we did while waiting....

"What is it with time?
Must it be envy of people?
What is it with bitches?
Must they be envy of others?"

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